Saturday, January 30, 2010

updated on life

so it's been a couple weeks since I have blogged and I decided it's about time! We haven't been up to anything extremely exciting; both John and I started at school, and are still working as much as we can fit into our free time. I was asked to take upon another person's duties at work, so now I'm doing that and my own job. It's stressful, and so exhausting, but if it means I keep my job, sounds like I don't really have a choice.
My iPhone officially broke this morning. It died last night, and so I plugged it in, and it told me I needed to plug it into iTunes. So, I did. A message popped and said that my phone was in recovery mode and needed to be restored; so I restored it. The same message then popped up, and I restored it again. Nothing worked. So we had to take a trip to the Apple Store this afternoon, where the man at the Genius Bar, Brad, told me that my phone had internal hardware problems and couldn't be fixed. My only option was to get a new one...for 200 dollars.
Seriously? Now?
Luckily, I worked 12 hours of overtime last week and just received a check for working the ACT in December. Therefore all the "extra" money we had in our bank account is now gone to my new phone. Oh lovely technology.
What this means...I get to start over with everything that was on my phone. So I have no phone numbers. Please, if I know you, and should have your phone number...text me.
Another thing I can, and will complain about is the fog in the Salt Lake valley. Holy cow.
The night this was taken, John and I ventured up to the H Rock where everything was super clear. This was the view of the city. Gross. To think I was walking around campus in that air. Yucky.

We also saw the movie "UP" finally. Loved every second of it. We signed up for Netflix and it's the best/worst thing that's ever happened to us. With our PS3 we can instantly stream movies, and so that's all we do. We can also stream TV Series, which helped me catch up on Desperate Housewives. :)
I must say, of all the characters in the movie, Russell was my favorite. John and I have decided that when kids are a reality, our first son will be named Russell Henning, after our two grandfathers. The first time Russell appears in the movie he is standing on Mr. Frederickson's front porch reading from his Wilderness Explorer manual and he keeps repeating "Good afternoon, my name is Russell..." the way he says it makes us laugh every time; and I can't say I'll be disappointed if my Russell is short and stout just like this Russell is. Even though my son won't be Asian. :)
Probably the most exciting news I have to share is Broozer (or more commonly known as Riley) got his mission call! He's going to the Houston, Texas East Mission and he leaves on April 7th!
We're so excited for him, and he seems pretty excited himself!
There it is. Boo and Rach were even there to share in the joy! ...Over the phone, but that's okay. It's the thought that counts.
Liz, Bek, and Koree. and cutest JW - even though you can't see him
Riley and Anne.

Here's a video of him actually opening his call.

Also, concerning missions. David finally knows where he's going. He got a phone call from their stake president Thursday morning and was told he will be going to Jackson, Mississippi and he leaves TUESDAY. Talk about fast, but he honestly is so stoked. I think he was really looking forward to going back to Tahiti, but he would have had to wait another 7 months for a visa, and he just wants to get out into the field, so he's ready to go wherever they want him to go. We're so exciting for him, and he's so excited. Kind of sad that it's so fast though. We'll definitely miss him.

And last but DEFINITELY not least!

John and I had our SIX MONTH anniversary on Wednesday! Of course, it's not that big, and we didn't do anything except homework (WHOO!) but it's kind of exciting. We're half way through what is apparently the hardest year of our marriage, and we're doing just fine. We still love each other just as much as we did six months ago, and we are more than excited for what's ahead.

He's cute. I love him.

Friday, January 1, 2010

party like it's 2009...

This is what John did when he came home from work.
Yes...that's his own sock; in his mouth.
Me, Marianne, Mandy
I absolutely love these two together.
Cutest couple award.
We're pretty cute too. :)
P-A-R-T-Y in the hottub.
This was all three couples by the end of the night.
Bring on 2010.