Sunday, August 24, 2014


This last Thursday (the 21st) John and I were so lucky to attend Wicked that was playing at Capitol Theater! When tickets went on sale my mom mentioned that she was going to get tickets for her and my dad, and Riley, Kati, and I all chimed in that we wanted to go, so that they should get tickets for us. So, they did, and we all went! Riley ended up buying two tickets, because he said he would have a date, but, seeing as his girlfriend lives in Houston, she wasn't able to come with us so we offered the ticket to Tom's mom, Drew. She had never seen Wicked before, so she was so thankful that we asked her to come along! We love her, even though she isn't my MIL, she's pretty much a sweetie. 
John had never seen Wicked either, and I was so excited about that. He hadn't really ever been to a big production like this either. We've been to a couple shows and Hale Center Theater, but nothing this big. I have been trying to convince him that we should go to New York, so I was hoping that this would do the trick. 
He loved it! He, like always, was more interested in the mechanics of all of the props, like the giant dragon, and how Capitol was built, but he loved the show. When we got home, I said to him that now we need to go to NYC and he replied with an ugh...does it have to be New York? Can't it be another big city? And I said no. It has to be NY. But he agreed that if, and when it happens, we need to plan on going to at least three shows. Which I am TOTALLY okay with! I've seen Wicked and Les Miserables in NY, but I would gladly see both again. Or Phantom, Mary Poppins, Mama Mia, or about any other show. 
I always get a little emotional when I go to broadway shows because as I tell John, being on broadway was my dream, and I never really even tried. His answer to that is, "You weren't even in musical drama at Highland!" ...I don't think there was a musical drama class at Highland. Just drama. Oh, well. I got married instead, and get to spend every day with my best friend slash crazy husband. 

Ruth's Diner

On the 13th, the girls and I all headed up Emigration to Ruth's diner to have some girl time. I planned the dinner, and told the girls it was for Melissa and Marianne's birthdays, which are both that week, but I was planning (with Melissa) that I would tell them all that night that I was expecting. Except, I got too antsy and told them a week before that because I just couldn't hold it in anymore. So it turned into a celebration for two birthdays and a baby. 
I love these girls so much. We decided that they are all going to be "third degree aunties" to Baby Lawrence, and I couldn't be happier that our baby will have such great examples around them! They all have expressed how excited they are for us, and how they want to come to the hospital to meet the baby as soon as he/she is born. (Btw, we find out the gender at 19 weeks, so 4 more weeks and we'll know if it's a he or she)!
I am so grateful for these six ladies, and am so happy that we keep in touch with each other even though life gets in the way. I know I can always count on them, and I love them all for that.

Baby Lawrence

That's right. BABY LAWRENCE. 
We are expecting our first little one in February. 
Valentine's Day to be exact. Great timing, I know. 
I am currently 15 weeks along, and I am finally feeling like myself again. 
I was extremely sick for about the first 10 weeks, and then it tapered off, and I feel great now!
Being sick all the time was rough for me. The random odors my nose would pick up would instantly make me sick, and when you are work with a lot of people who smoke, the smell in constantly in the air, and it was 100x more strong at the beginning. 
My acne was one of the first signs I got that something was different with my body. It seemed like I woke up every day with a new dot on my face, and I haven't had that problem in like 10 years. 
I found out June 9th that I was pregnant, and I was going to tell J for Father's Day which was that following Sunday but I couldn't hold it in. I ran downstairs at 7AM screaming his name and he thought I was dying. When I told him, he didn't even say a word, just got back in bed and went back to sleep.
We have been trying for a baby since November, so we are both very excited that we finally got a positive test. Our first appointment was the second week of July, and our doctor did an ultrasound to see if we could see the little parasite, and sure enough! Tiny as can be, but we got to see him/her, and even see the pulsing of the heart. Super neat. We heard the heartbeat at our second appointment and it easily is top five coolest things I've ever experienced. Everyone tells me wait until I feel the baby move, but I am still tripping out over hearing the heartbeat. It was so surreal. 

We told my Mom and Dad on my Mom's birthday. (And Riley, Kati, and Tom, because they were there). Her birthday is the last week in June so we told them way early, but as you can hear the video, they all kind of already knew anyway. After we told my mom she goes into her bedroom and comes walking back out with this onesie that she had bought that day while she was at Carters for another reason. She's crazy. 

We told the Lawrence's the Sunday we celebrated Patty and Olivia's birthday, which also happened to be our anniversary. Two of our sisters-in-law are pregnant also, due five days apart from each other at the end of November/beginning of December. So we will have THREE new babies within four months on that side of the family and Patty couldn't be more excited. She has been asking for new babies for what seems like forever, and now she's getting three in a year. 
We couldn't be more excited to be adding a new baby to our family, but it is honestly one of the scariest things! There is so much to do, to buy, before February, and it is overwhelming. Luckily we have amazing families and friends who are around to help! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Elliot & Lexi

We had another Grow wedding this week. Elliot and Lexi got married on Thursday, the 7th.

Their reception was in Provo, and unfortunately John was stuck working so I was on my own. Lucky for me, Tom was also stuck working so Kate needed a date also and we just went together. 

The Riverside Country Club in Provo is crazy beautiful. Seriously, the view you have when you are outside of that place is so amazing. And there were so many people there, which was impressive seeing as half of us live in SLC! 
Kati told me when we got there, "Okay, let's find Samantha and Rosie, and take a picture." That was her only goal for the night, so we made sure it happened. And we got some pretty dang cute pictures out of it. Probably because we matched quite well. 

Riley was stuck at work also, and feels like we left him out of our photos. But as you can see, Ted is all about being the center of attention. 
We are so excited to have Lexi as part of the family, and so happy that Elliot found someone who is 100% perfect for him. We love you both!