Thursday, June 24, 2010

bon voyage my little schmidt

My friend Marianne left on a six week study abroad today and so her cute boyfriend decided that we should throw her a surprise goodbye party.
We decided to have it this last Monday, and since John and I are staying at my parents' house, I offered their backyard for the location.
Melissa was the best. Sunday night Laird texted me and told me he had forgotten that he has class on Monday nights, and so he would have to be late to the party. He was how I was going to get Marianne to my house, and now I was stuck.
But, Mel stepped in and told Marianne she needed to go shopping and wanted her to come; then said she had to get a book from me, so they had to stop by my parents' house.
It worked out great.
Marianne walked into the backyard, pissed that we hadn't invited her to our barbecue.
We then informed her that the barbecue was for her.
It was funny.
I just love this girl.
She's my favorite cougar by far.
I hadn't seen Kirstyn since she had come home from school, so it was nice to see her walk through the gate.
Kirstyn, Brianna, Me, Mel, Marianne, Mandy, Alex, Hailey, Suzanne
The four of us have been together since the beginning of high school.
We're slowing moving our different ways.
Engaged, BYU, London, and Married.
But we keep in touch, and they're still my best friends.
Love you ladies.
This was from Father's day.
I just really like this picture so I thought I'd add it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day

To Mike.
Thanks for raising John to be such an amazing person. I see so much of him in you; from your sense of humor to your businessman mentality.
We love you.
And to my Daddy.
Where would I be without my dad? Probably nowhere near where I'm at now. He is my biggest fan, and my hero, and I really don't know what I would do without him.
I'm so grateful for our Bear Lake experience, even if people thought you were crazy, it was the best thing for our relationship. I would go back to that summer in a second.
I love you daddy.

And to this goofball.
You may not be a dad yet, but you will be one day.
And I know you're going to be the best dad.
I love you the most.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We had a little family photo shoot because my Mother asked for pictures to send to Riley.
So, I thought I would add some of them onto the blog.
Enjoy. :)

Yes, Rufus is definitely licking my face.

Tried one without the glasses.

Our cute puppy.

My cute hubby. :)

This one is my favorite.
I think it's just us.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

park city and bridal fun

John and I were invited up to Park City this last weekend with four of our best friends.
Marianne's family has a condo up there and so the six of us went up Friday niht and at on Main Street and then went back to the condo for board games and a movie.
It was so fun! And so nice to actually do something on a weekend night, other than sit at home.
It only took us a hundred tries to get a decent picture.
This one will have to do.
Love these two.
Friends for fifteen years.
I swear I'm not that old.
This was John's favorite that he took.
I think it's funny.

This past week was Mandy's friend wedding shower.
She's not getting married for another two months but with three of our friends leaving for London in two weeks, it was decided that the shower would be held before they left.
Here is everyone that came. It was nice to see everyone. :)

love you mares.
Liz, Caitlin, Melissa, Me, Mandy, Lauren Marianne
We all graduated together two years ago, and have this same picture from graduation.
It's crazy how much things change in two years.
But I'm glad that we still get to see each other and still get along.
love you all.
Oh, and PS - You'll notice in the bridal shower pictures that my hair is lighter.
I lightened it.
It's growing on me.