Sunday, August 9, 2009

That's what you get for waking up in Vegas...

We went to Vegas on our honeymoon, and my oh my, was it blazing hot.

One day we hit 112. It was killer. But we had fun nonetheless.

In front of the Bellagio. We decided to walk through the shops at Caesars. Too bad those stores are disgustingly expensive. Although, we did donate to Bikers Against Drunk Driving, just so John could enter to try and win a Shelby Cobra.

The pool was the only escape from the heat. Too bad it was the size of our bedroom and 1000 other people were trying to take refuge there also.

On our way to the outlets. Our taxi driver was pretty awesome.

John was IN HEAVEN when he saw this store. He was disappointed by the time we lef though...they didn't have anything Dale Earnhardt Sr. In fact, they only sold four drivers' stuff.

Wedding Day

July 27, 2009
The day finally came!
Best day ever. Seriously, everything went so smoothly and it was absolutely perfect.

Walking out of the temple. We couldn't find the photographer, only because the temple decided to throw a fast one at us. It all worked out though.

Welcome to my side of the family.

Siblings, spouses, and children.

My cute parents.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

This has become my favorite picture of Kati and I. So cute.

This picture is a little more true to our personanlities. Love this one too.

Some of the bridesmaids and myself.

Abbi, Melissa, Marianne, and Mandy.

Yes we wore Chuck Taylors. And we loved it.

She is my favorite. Miss you guys.

Samantha, Rachel, Megan, Me, Kate, Alta, Chloee, and Kacey

Cutting the cake. I made it quite clear that he wasn't allowed to shove it in my face.

He looks a little hesitant, doesn't he?

First dance. :)
Dancing with my Daddy.

After the Dutch dance. Possibly the best tradition ever.
Such a great day. Thanks to everyone who made it go so smoothly. Thank you to both sets of parents for making it happen.
We love you all!

Park City

The weekend before the wedding, my friends decided that we were going to Park City for my "bachelorette party." It was a fun night, except I was pretty red in the face when I opened up their gifts...I don't know if that needs to be shared here.

Mandy took this picture.. Too bad I don't have any of all of us. Abbi wasn't able to come, which was saddening, she's a laugh and a half. We missed her.

I'm difficult to deal with. All there is to it.

Roos shower...

The Roos family always has a grocery shower for the engaged couple, which was a nice change having John there. Instead of just giving us the groceries, they blindfolded us (John read this and said, "I know kinky." Welcome to my husband.) and made us guess what we were holding as they handed it to us. We rocked it, to say the least. It was super fun.

4th o' July

John and I got to spend the whole day together, which is a rare occurrance. We woke up, and headed to Kaysville for the annual parade, which I had never been to. All out party, if I do say so myself. We then headed to Grandma's, where the tradition is to roll out the old billboards and turn them into slip and slides. We didn't participate, but it was fun to watch. After Grandma Johnson's, we headed to the Grow's and had the annual BBQ there, which was followed by fireworks at Sugarhouse. I was little upset that the fireworks weren't as good as they usually are, especially because it was supposedly the last year. But. what can you do!?

This was definitely the end of the night. We were tired, and we look the part.

le ward...

The ward shower was put on by Barb and Venice. Pretty much my second mothers. The food was fabulous, which was not good, because I ate non-stop, and we got a crap load of gifts. But that's okay, because we needed them.
I was so so so excited to see Shauna. I haven't seen her, or Andrea for ages and it was nice to be able to catch up with an old friend. Even if Ang couldn't make it, it was good to see her mom.

Number 2 of 8

Shower number two was hosted by four of my very best friends. Abbi, Mandy, Marianne, and Melissa went all out at this shower, there was food everywhere, and pictures of John and I. It was fun to see everyone that I haven't seen in a while. There was even a quiz about John..I didn't do horribly, John answered with things I never would have expected (Calvin and Hobbes is his favorite book, is that even considered a book?) Oh was fun.

THANK YOU girls. Love you all.