Monday, February 11, 2013

the designer inside

As I grow up, I continue to learn more about myself. For instance, I love design.
I love creative design on the computer, and I love designing decor.
This is proving to be a problem because I want to change everything in my house, and I want to do it right now. "What's the problem" you ask? Just the small notion that I believe I have all the time and money to do all of these projects. 

It started with our living/family room. We painted it about a thousand times when we moved in, and then J built this amazing TV stand that was better for the space, which lead to getting a new bookshelf, and a new dvd/bluray shelf. Well, then it turned into J wanting to open up our entry way by turning the closet into a nook. Sure, why not. So he started that, but unfortunately, started is as far as we got.
Our closet still looks like this.
And our tile entryway? Still no tile.
Like I said, we have no time for this stuff, but we want it done! So we continue.
Well, after the closet got started, I decided that the brown couch covers needed to go because brown does not fit in the scheme of things at all. Black furniture, green walls, grey closet...brown is out.
So, we went to LOOK at new couch covers. If you know me, you know I don't just look...I buy. 
So we ended up buying new couch covers. 
Grey, to match and draw in the closet. 
Well, then I found this great mustard yellow color that I decided needs to be an accent. I got cute pillows to go on our grey couch and am in need of this rug.
Have you ever noticed how freaking expensive rugs are!? The smallest size this rug comes, which is 5'x8', the precise size we need, is over $300.00 after tax.
Holy moly, Batman. 
I guess I'll start a fund for the rug.
And that isn't even the end of it. Crown molding is a must.
Seriously, it is not a want, it is a need. 
The room looks funky without it.

 While at the Home Depot searching for things for the front room, John mentions the bathroom to me. 
So, I brought home paint samples.
Fast forward to the next day.
J: "Maybe we should go to Home Depot and get a sample of that blue for the bathroom."
E: "Maybe we should finish the front closet first."
J: "Right."
But of course we have already figured out what we want to do.
Well, I am still questioning whether I want bead board in there or not.
It is an ongoing internal debate.
Smokestack grey.
I am in love with this color.
With white linens and towels.
And, J will be making us one of these. In a bathroom as small as ours, this will be a huge blessing. 
Also a huge blessing, having a husband who can build just about anything!

Oh, and then there's the bedroom.
The bedroom will also be grey.
But, light grey, not the smokestack.
Does anyone else see a obsession pattern here?
The bedroom will be grey, navy, and coral.
This bedspread is PERFECT.
Can I find it anywhere on the internet?
Of course not.
My handy-man will also be making us a headboard, totally his idea btw. I love it.

But wait, do John and I own the house we live in? No. 
Can we do all these repairs? Yes, the owner (my grandpa) loves it.
Am I going to have to re-do all this design when I own a home? Yes.
Am I okay with that? Yes.
Gotta start planting those money trees.