Friday, March 26, 2010

"So they just passed a health care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he didn't understand it, passed by a Congress that exempts themselves from it, signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese - and better yet it is to be financed by a country that's broke?"
This is frighteningly legitimate.

happy birthday john

John turned 23 this last Wednesday, and he didn't want to do anything.
I offered for us to go out, and he said no.
Just dinner? No.
Can I make you dinner? Okay.
So I asked him Tuesday what I could make him, he said meat. So when we got home from work I said do you want me to do like steak and potatoes? (Steak is his favorite meat, I figured it was the obvious choice). He said he didn't want steak and that he couldn't decide at the moment because no food sounded good.
Wednesday (his birthday)at about 4:30 I get a text message, telling me what he would like me to make him for his dinner.
What did he ask for?

Corn dogs and potato chips.
I married a five year old.
If that isn't enough evidence for you, listen to this.
John's mother asked him what kind of birthday cake he would like for dinner last Sunday; he asked for a Batman cake. It was already Saturday afternoon so I didn't expect that she'd be able to get one, and I ended up being right, she couldn't. But she bought a Batman action figure and put it on the cake.
Batman. For a 23 year old.
THEN. John tells me he wants to have a birthday party.
He wants a have a BATMAN birthday party.
Where everyone dresses up as a Batman character, but he's the only one allowed to dress up as Batman.
And then we'll all go to Nickelcade.

Do you see what I have to deal with?

Anyway, I figured I could handle cooking corn dogs, and I even bought chocolate to dip strawberries (more for myself, but whatev.)
So I turn on the oven to cook the corndogs, because you know, they're only good when they're crunchy and when you put them in the microwave they get soggy. Thank you J.
So the oven is on, and I'm in the kitchen cleaning strawberries, and getting ready to cook asparagus (I needed something slightly healthy for myself) and I started to smell smoke and burning. I turned around and there was smoke coming from the oven door and also up and through the burners.
I opened the oven door and there were FLAMES everywhere. John was raised that when there is left over pizza, you put the boxes in the oven...I have NEVER done this in my life, so I didn't even think to check. Sure enough, there were three pizza boxes in the oven, and they were all on fire.
I freaked.
I had no idea what to do. We don't have a fire extinguisher, and even if we did I don't know that I would know how to use it.
Luckily John was next door, so when I called in a panic he rushed right over.
I felt like the biggest idiot ever. The one time I try to cook, I start a fire.
I am not meant to be domestic.

Good thing my husband is awesome and didn't even make fun of me, because I would have cried my eyes out.
And good thing I got him awesome presents.
First, I bought him a scale 18 Dale Earnhardt model car.
If you know John, you know his love for Dale and NASCAR. The first race he ever watched was the race that Dale was killed, and he just loves the legend.
Because Dale no longer races with NASCAR, they have discontinued the making of the car. Therefore, it was impossible to find. But I did it! And he loved it! I was so glad.
But, this was the bigger present..and he loves this more.

This is his "new" car. It is a 1975 Toyoto Land Cruiser. AKA FJ 40.
We bought it from a seventeen year old kid who has completely rebuilt the engine, and done all this other stuff to it (the engine is the only part I remember.)

I love the stripes, and you can't see it very well but there is a bull on the side of it. He hates it, and wants to paint over it, but I'm not letting him, he's vintage.
It kind of scares me to drive in it, but it will get better I'm sure. Can't wait for the summer and drop top. MmmmMmm good.

Which brings me to my next point.
We have a great car for sale.
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Black with Tan/Gray interior.
No problems at all, but with John getting the FJ, we don't find it necessary to have two SUVs. Therefore, I need to sell the Jeep so I can get this cute little thing.

2006 Honda Accord.
After driving it, I was in love.
We won't be purchasing the rack, seeing as we don't need it for anything, but I'm so excited for it.
What can I say? I'm just a small car girl.

ladies night

My friends decided that we're sick of promising to hang out with each other and then it never happening. So we came to the conclusion that we are going to have a girls night once a month, on the same Friday every month, so everyone knows when it is, and doesn't plan anything instead of it.
Of course our first one was kind of a bust. Of the eight girls that were included in this planning, four showed up to dinner. It may be interesting to see what happens with this new tradition.
Anyway, we went to Noodles and Company, and caught up just the four of us, and then we didn't know what to do. We have a slight kink put into our plans, so we were just flying by the seat of our pants.
It was Kensie's birthday the week prior to this night, and I had yet to see her apartment; so I suggested that. Abbi called Kensie and we were on our way. I must say that I love their apartment, especially the way it is decorated. You can see in the first picture that there are Vinyl Records on the wall, I think that's pretty cool. I need to figure out something to do with my house. All I have are pictures, which I love, don't get me wrong, but I want something original.

I saw this girl three weekends in a row. That's a record for us during the school semester. I can't wait until summer, and we can once again run errands together.

Love these three.
Abbi, Andrea, and Kensie.

family pictures...

With Riley leaving in about a week and a half, and with Rach and Company in town, my mom wanted to do family pictures.
The only day that ended up working for everyone, was not the day that was working for Mother Nature.
We scheduled our pictures with Opie, and we planned on getting them taken at Wheeler Farm. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain; and there isn't anywhere inside the Farm that's lit well enough to take pictures.
So, needless to say, we were all a little wet by the end. But the pictures don't show it; not terribly. I hate the ones of me, but that's definitely not because of the rain.
Oh well I guess.

Noelle wasn't being the most cooperative child, so this is Ben and I trying to get her to smile.
It didn't work.
Afterward, the majority of us headed to Rio for lunch. And after being a butt for two hours, I finally got her to take a picture with me, and actually smile.

I felt so bad about this. I gave Jells this green coin, and at first she kept telling me that it was here eye. She then goes to her mother and shows her what she had, then to return to me asking me if it was "all plastic." When I said that it was, she told me she wanted a chocolate one. I didn't even think I was fooling her into thinking it was chocolate, but I felt bad when she realized that it wasn't what she thought.
I promised her a Coloring Book, which I never brought her. So Rach, be expecting a package from the Lawrences for her birthday.

Monday, March 8, 2010

true blue lacrosse fan...

I've never been able to use that phrase..."True Blue" seeing as I'm a die-hard Utah fan.
Except when it comes to lacrosse.

Between Melissa and Elliot, I am slightly obligated to support the Y.

I even purchased a shirt. Mel told me that when I go to Elliot's games I can just cover the "Women's" with tape. Haha, I think I'll just keep it that way, but thanks for the suggestion. :)

John and I love watching her play. She's crazy fast, and the best player on the team. (No offense to anyone else.)

John and I took almost this exact picture, in these same bleachers at this time last year, and we'll probably take the same picture in these bleachers for the next two years. :)

This is also a repeat from last year. Except Mel said she had to be in the middle this time, and we made sure that John put his hand around her (seeing as last year, he wouldn't touch anyone and the picture turned out awkward. haha)
I must thank Brooke for taking this picture. We didn't meet her until Saturday but she was nice enough to take this and was the cutest ever!
Such a trooper too! During the Colorado State game (their first of three that day) Brooke took a hard foul. This angry girl from the other team took her stick and wacked Brooke across the top of the head, and made her bleed. I haven't been a lacrosse spectator for long, but I've definitely never seen a hit that hard. Not in girls lacrosse, and not over the head.
Also, the girls deserve a large CONGRATS for beating CSU for the first time in BYU women's lacrosse history. It was a big win for them, and we were glad we could see it!
Love you Mel Nash.
We'll see you in two weeks against Pepperdine.
No red card this time, kay? ;)