Tuesday, August 13, 2013

we're alive...

I haven't blogged since APRIL. Holy fail. Here is a quick update for anyone who still reads this!

Sissy and Tom got married!
April 27.
It was such a great day, and she was a GORGEOUS bride.
Shortly  after the wedding (three days to be exact) I had surgery on my sinuses. I had been having chronic sinus infections so Dr. Hill (the best!) went in and removed all the residual infection, plus opened up my turbinates so that I can actually breathe through my nose! It was a rough week of recovery full of nose bleeds, throwing up, and lots of sleep, but it was so worth it!

Into May we go.
May 20th I decided I should crash my car.
Okay, I definitely didn't crash it on purpose, and I only remember the date because it was my parents' 30th anniversary.
I was exiting I-80 at 13th east, and after turning left I went to change lanes, but didn't realize the cars in front of me had already stopped. 
By the time I turned back from checking my blind spot, it was too late. 
My first accident, ever.
I cried. Had a panic attack.
Thought the world was ending.
It wasn't.
It was just a scary event.
Luckily no one was hurt, and I didn't even get a ticket.
And, insurance covered my car, and the guy I hit, so it worked out. 
Then in June, John decided he needed some attention and ended up in the E.R. 
He had been having some abdominal pain, and was throwing up all day, so he finally gave in and we went to get it checked out. They checked his gallbladder and his appendix. Everything was normal. Except for his liver enzymes. They were double what they should be. So, after spending, literally all night in the ER, we were sent home, with no answers, and told to go see his regular doctor in 2 weeks about his liver enzymes.
So he did. And the doctor pretty much told him, tell your wife that if you start to go jaundice, then we have a problem. It sounds like you have Gilbert's Disease. It's where you liver randomly shuts down, then spikes, then is normal, then shuts down, etc. 
Sounds normal, right?
We celebrate the 4th of July with the Lawrence's in our backyard. Had a BBQ, watched the fireworks that are set off at Sugarhouse, watched people fight with the Arby's employees, you know, just the normal 4th of July stuff.
Then, on the 18th of July, we went and saw Jimmy Eat World! 
It was seriously the best concert I have ever been to. And yes, we were on the second row, and Daniel and John protected me and Mandy very well.
John and I talked about going to Vegas in September to see them again, that is how much we liked the show. Unfortunately, I can't get off work. That's what happens when the person you work with will also be out of town the time you want to be gone.
We celebrated FOUR years of wedded bliss on the 27th of July up at the Hawker Lodge.
We spent the weekend up there. We took out the ATVs on Saturday, and just hung out. So nice to just get away.
Saturday night we went to Cheesecake at City Creek, because that is what John wanted, so that is what we did! Then we went to Nordstrom and I got a new wallet, and iPad case. John is still searching for the pair of shoes he wants. He probably is sick of me nagging about it.
And last, but most certainly not least, I am officially a college graduate! I was supposed to walk the first week of May, but because of my sinus surgery, I didn't feel up to it. Didn't really feel like puking in front of strangers. And I had to take a class the first half of Summer, but I have been done since the middle of June, and just this weekend, I received my diploma in the mail! Officially have my Bachelors. You better believe that baby is on the fridge, until I get a frame for it. And then, I don't know where I'll put that frame. 

I'll try to be better at blogging, but I can't promise anything.
Besides, being a grownup isn't that exciting anyway.