Thursday, November 1, 2012


hallowbirthend: A rare occasion when mine and Mandy's birthdays, and Halloween are all celebrated in the same weekend.

It was quite the awesome weekend if I do say so myself. Friday night John and I spent three and a half hours at Ikea, and left with a little less money in our pockets! BUT! We got a cool new shelf, and even some inspiration for a new tv stand, because of course, my husband had to build one instead of buying one. Oh well.

Saturday, Dandy threw Halloween/Birthday party for miss Mandy, where we had delicious soup in bread bowls, carved pumpkins, and watched the most terrifying movie EVER. If you like scary movies, watch, "The Woman In Black". If you don't like scary movies, don't even think about it.

Everyone's pumpkins!
Daniels, ours, the Baucom's, and Marianne's. (Austin, bailed. Boo.)

Sunday night my parents threw a Halloween party so that they would be able to see their grand kids in their costumes! My mom made homemade Root Beer, dry ice and all. She also make pigs in a blanket that looked like mummies (watch out for the pepper corn eyes), and she made spaghetti, which we all just love! She got really into it, which made it so fun! Not everyone wanted pictures of their costumes, so I only have pictures of some of them!

Cutest little Telletubby ever.  
Elmo and a, very pregnant, cookie monster!
And a subliminal political message. ;) 
If you watch "How I Met Your Mother", then you'll know what the slutty pumpkin is. If you don't, then you will have no idea, like our entire family. But hey, she tried. :) 
John and I "dressed up" as Price is Right contestants. We totally forgot about our costumes, so I made them Sunday with the cardboard leftover from Ikea, saved us! I am bias, but I think they turned out pretty well!

Sunday was my actual birthday, so at the party my mom had balloons for me, and cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy (FAVORITE!). They sang me happy birthday, and gave me a nice little gift.
For my birthday my husband got me a new pair of moccasins. They are, hands down, my favorite shoes in the entire world. I'm telling you, go buy some, they are legit. 
Oh, and not to mention, I got an early birthday present the first weekend in October.
Just a new car.
NBD, right?
I decided I wanted a four-wheel-drive car, and had been looking at Subaru's, but the Impreza wagon, which is what I was looking at, was smaller than my Honda, and I didn't know if I wanted that. 
Okay, honestly, I was worried Daniel wouldn't be able to fit in it, and that's who we spend all our time with, so he needs to be able to have enough leg room in my car. This was truly a factor in buying a new car! I also decided that I needed an SUV because I don't want to put a car seat into a small car. No, this is not an announcement. I am just thinking ahead! 
So, I went to the dealership to talk to J's brother who sells cars, and was looking at a Kia SUV, but the payments would have been too much, so he pulls out this Lexus RX330 that they had taken in on trade. I took it for a test drive and was sold! Traded in the Honda then and there, and drove the Lexus home. 
I am in love with it.
Best birthday present ever!

Oh, and how beautiful are Utah sunsets?