Friday, January 7, 2011

two zero one one's a new year.
Another new year.
2010 was a stressful one, but it was a good one, and we experienced a lot
I returned to working one job for the first time since I was sixteen.
Riley got his mission call to THE mission of church.
David found out he would be serving in Mississippi.
John and I started yet another semester of school.
another Valentine's day at the monster truck rally.
We said goodbye to David for 2 years.
We went through the temple with Riley.
John turned 23.
I started our stove on fire cooking corndogs.
bought the FJ.
attended several BYU women's lacrosse games.
sold the Jeep and bought the Honda.
We got pulled over on the way to license the Honda.
We said goodbye to Riley for 2 years.
Two of our best friends got engaged.
MS Walk.
We bought a new, hip couch.
I finally found orange pumps. Which Rufus later destroyed.
Race for the Cure.
We saw Frank Layden and Jerry Sloan at Cinna Grill.
We went to Loa, Utah to gather sticks.
We attended a graduation dinner for the one and only Sara.
We finished another semester.
We went to Park City with some of our best friends.
I attended a bridal shower for Mrs. Sorensen.
We threw a goodbye party for the London-er.
Independence day celebrations.
Sugarhouse Fireworks.
Oakley Rodeo.
I caught up with an old friend after 5 years.
We vacationed in Bear Lake with both families.
Sorensen Wedding.
One more semester started.
Utah football.
Rufus killed Gordon. RIP.
John participated in the Dodge Barrage.
I met Ronnie Price, Kyle Korver, and Deron Williams.
Our annual trip to the state fair.
Taylor's baptism.
Goodbye to our soldier.
Mission reunion.
I changed my major (again) to Mass Comm/Photography.
I turned 21.
Sorensen cabin.
TCU game :(
Win over BYU.
Thanksgiving with the Roos'.
Thanksgiving with the Grow's.
JW's birthday.
Family photos.
Sea food dinner.
Talked to both our missionaries.
Christmas = Family.
New Years = Family.

It's been an eventful year when you put it all in perspective. Who knows what 2011 will bring us, whatever it is, as long as we have each other we'll be okay.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

okay I caved...

I started a Twitter.
I've never been so confused about something in my life.
If you care enough to follow me, my user name is lawrence_emily
Let me know if you have an account! I would love to follow you...
That is, if I know you.