Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here is my blog promise. I WILL update the blog. Soon. I have pictures from JW's birthday, on top of all the Christmas pictures. The task seems impossible, which is why I am avoiding it. But I promise, I wil do it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

So, I had to create a blog for class. It's not even done yet (it's due Wednesday, procrastination at its best). But, I think I'll stick to it even after Wednesday.
Check it out if you want.
It's about food.
And pictures.
My two favorite things.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Don't let the pictures fool you, we actually spent Thanksgiving with the Lawrence's. 
But, we did stop by the Grow's afterward, and I did whip out my camera.
Rosie and Kati 
Stef and her boyfriend Sean 
Adam eating as much frosting on a graham cracker as possible. 
Sissy lou. 
He can't be serious, it's fine. 
Myself and sissy.
I honestly hate Thanksgiving. I feel like I have to eat until I die. But I was very good this year! I didn't go back for seconds, which is unusual, especially when it comes to stuffing. I do like that it's meant for us to vocalize what we're grateful for. Which, for me, is a lot. Number one, John. He really is the best husband I could have asked for. Keeps me grounded.

Tracy Family

A couple weeks ago John and I ventured up to Bear Lake to take some family photos for a friend of Jim and Jess'.
It was quite a long day, driving there and back, but I'm pretty satisfied with how the photos turned out. 
Hopefully they like them too!

Ten kids under the age of ten.
It was work.
My favorite. 

The whole fam-dam!
It was nice to get the practice, and I would say that for my second time ever, they turned out pretty good!