Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am free!
For a whole three weeks!
Finals are done, and I can enjoy Christmas!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

it's that time again

It just doesn't feel like Christmas time.
Why is that?
Maybe because I still have finals.
Maybe because it's way too warm for December.
Maybe for other reasons.
But, our tree is up, decorations have been bought (and made),
and Christmas is definitely on its way.
I am so excited for John's gift.
He is going to love it!

I hope everyone's finals go well.
If you're anything like me, you've been stressing for weeks about them.
When they're finally over, I can enjoy the season!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


hallowbirthend: A rare occasion when mine and Mandy's birthdays, and Halloween are all celebrated in the same weekend.

It was quite the awesome weekend if I do say so myself. Friday night John and I spent three and a half hours at Ikea, and left with a little less money in our pockets! BUT! We got a cool new shelf, and even some inspiration for a new tv stand, because of course, my husband had to build one instead of buying one. Oh well.

Saturday, Dandy threw Halloween/Birthday party for miss Mandy, where we had delicious soup in bread bowls, carved pumpkins, and watched the most terrifying movie EVER. If you like scary movies, watch, "The Woman In Black". If you don't like scary movies, don't even think about it.

Everyone's pumpkins!
Daniels, ours, the Baucom's, and Marianne's. (Austin, bailed. Boo.)

Sunday night my parents threw a Halloween party so that they would be able to see their grand kids in their costumes! My mom made homemade Root Beer, dry ice and all. She also make pigs in a blanket that looked like mummies (watch out for the pepper corn eyes), and she made spaghetti, which we all just love! She got really into it, which made it so fun! Not everyone wanted pictures of their costumes, so I only have pictures of some of them!

Cutest little Telletubby ever.  
Elmo and a, very pregnant, cookie monster!
And a subliminal political message. ;) 
If you watch "How I Met Your Mother", then you'll know what the slutty pumpkin is. If you don't, then you will have no idea, like our entire family. But hey, she tried. :) 
John and I "dressed up" as Price is Right contestants. We totally forgot about our costumes, so I made them Sunday with the cardboard leftover from Ikea, saved us! I am bias, but I think they turned out pretty well!

Sunday was my actual birthday, so at the party my mom had balloons for me, and cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy (FAVORITE!). They sang me happy birthday, and gave me a nice little gift.
For my birthday my husband got me a new pair of moccasins. They are, hands down, my favorite shoes in the entire world. I'm telling you, go buy some, they are legit. 
Oh, and not to mention, I got an early birthday present the first weekend in October.
Just a new car.
NBD, right?
I decided I wanted a four-wheel-drive car, and had been looking at Subaru's, but the Impreza wagon, which is what I was looking at, was smaller than my Honda, and I didn't know if I wanted that. 
Okay, honestly, I was worried Daniel wouldn't be able to fit in it, and that's who we spend all our time with, so he needs to be able to have enough leg room in my car. This was truly a factor in buying a new car! I also decided that I needed an SUV because I don't want to put a car seat into a small car. No, this is not an announcement. I am just thinking ahead! 
So, I went to the dealership to talk to J's brother who sells cars, and was looking at a Kia SUV, but the payments would have been too much, so he pulls out this Lexus RX330 that they had taken in on trade. I took it for a test drive and was sold! Traded in the Honda then and there, and drove the Lexus home. 
I am in love with it.
Best birthday present ever!

Oh, and how beautiful are Utah sunsets?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fickle flu

The first three days of my birthday week have been spent in bed with the flu.
It blows, to say the least.
Crossing my fingers that I can actually celebrate this weekend.
Good vibes. Good vibes only.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

dear me.

I stole this idea from one lovely, Mel Nash...Baucom. You should go read her list too, it's a good one.
If I were to write a letter to myself in high school, here are some of the things I would say.

1. Take your AP classes seriously, free college credit is so worth it.
2. Don't give up on dance, you're really good at it.
3. Stop being so hard on yourself, you are beautiful.
4. Transfer out of Jason Thomas' math classes, he knows nothing but how to put functions into a calculator.
5. Be nice. You'll feel awful when people tell you, you used to be a "mean girl".
6. Suicide isn't the answer, stop thinking about it.
7. Boys do like you, despite what you think.
8. Ask boys to dances!
9. Maybe don't do Madrigals senior year. But make friends with the people in madrigals.
10. The Grub is not your life.
11. Take advantage of your free time, and the lack of responsibility.
12. Being popular isn't the most important thing in the world, shoot for quality girlfriends. Keep your three best friends close.
13. Run for Historian, we both know you love taking pictures.
14. Enjoy your summer in Bear Lake, it will be your most memorable time with your Dad.
15. Have fun, high school doesn't matter once you're not there anymore.

Thanks Mel for the idea. Oh, and Go Rams!

Monday, September 3, 2012

the land of enchantment

I bet you didn't know that the state of New Mexico is called the land of enchantment, did you?
Well, it is. It even says it on their license plates.
John and I ventured to Portales, NM to visit Matt and Millysa and new baby Olivia.
We definitely enjoyed the company, but the place itself is...interesting.
Every town we visited was literally dying from the inside out.
It was rather odd.
Not to mention you had to drive at least an hour to get anywhere.
Olivia and I wasted no time bonding. This was taken the first night we were there.

Matt scheduled for us to visit the recording studio that Buddy Holly recorded at, which is located in Clovis, NM. It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced! I learned a lot. Like, Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died, um, wow he was young. And already so famous.
This is the actual recording studio where the sound board and everything was. On the walls they have a copy of every song that was ever recorded there. By anyone. It was so cool. There were some of Roy Orbison's songs up there, and a signed picture from Lionel Richie.  
One of the men that was in there with us (the one in the hat) was actually a backup singer for Buddy Holly, so as we were listening to some of the music, he just started singing his part! 
This is a framed copy of Buddy Holly's contract, and then a copy of the "It's so Easy" sheet music.                 

This was in the next room over, where they had the piano, a couple guitars, some microphones, and other instruments. 
Attached to the recording studio was an apartment where the people who recorded there could stay while they were recording. So, this is the kitchen, and Buddy Holly had actually sat in those chairs! 
This is also part of the apartment. The book that Matt is holding up has a picture taken in the same exact spot that he and John are sitting. 
Us in front of the studio.
We love this cute little family. 
After our tour we headed to the Clovis County fair. The four of us all love the fair, and have always gone to the Utah State Fair together, so we had to experience this one! 
Matt with the "100 Pound Rat"
It gave me the heebie-jeebies 

John and cute Olivia.

The next day we drove in Texas! My first time ever being in Texas! 
We were headed into Amarillo, but we stopped in this little town to have some of the best, authentic Mexican food I have ever had, and to get some Blue Bell ice cream!
Btw, that is our rental car. That thing was freaking awesome. It got over 500 miles to its 14 gallon tank! LOVED IT.
In the middle of nowhere, literally, there are these two giant cement feet.
I guess the person who created Frankenstein wrote a poem about a large man, and for some reason the people in this town thought he was describing their town, so they built these feet. 
Weirdest thing ever.

Matt and John were making fun of me trying to get over the fence...

This is Cadillac Ranch. 
Someone decided they were going to put a bunch of Cadillacs into the ground, nose down, and paint them white so that other people could spray paint them.
This place is apparently really popular. There was a motorcycle group of all Germans, and they showed up here, and then showed up again at the restaurant we were at. 
They were following us, it's fine. ;)
So hardcore, those two. 
Had to spray paint the baby's name! 
You shouldn't be surprised. 
I wasn't.
Then we ventured to the Big Texan.
A restaurant made for tourists.
So over the top.
They have a 72 ounce steak that you can get for free. If you eat it in an hour.
With a side, and a drink.
John was on the phone, so I got to photo-op by myself. 
It turned out so attractive. 
We also spent a day in Roswell, NM but we didn't take any pictures. John and I were amazed that the entire town is built around this "alien sighting". We expected something so cool, but we quickly learned that it's just a broken town, gross town. 
Overall, we loved our trip to the land of enchantment. 
We loved being with Matt and Millysa for a couple days, and experiencing everything they have discovered in the last year, but now we are ready for them to move home!

Friday, July 27, 2012

dear husband

mr. tim mcgraw says it best

you're more than a lover, there could never be another to make me feel the way you do. oh, we just get closer, i fall in love all over, every time i look at you. i don't know where i'd be, without you here with me, life with you makes perfect sense. you're my best friend.

can you believe it's been three years?
i love you best friend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

sweet nothings

Sometimes, the simpliest text message can brighten your entire day.

Monday, July 23, 2012

mr. and mrs. harris

Well, our little Titch-Bit is married.
The husband and I got to be a part of the entire day, starting with the temple. 
As many of you may know, the SL temple is currently closed for construction, so off to Bountiful we went!
I love the Bountiful temple, except for the fact that the bride and groom come out the regular old doors, and people always get in the way. But, that's how it works, so that's just going to be how it is!
A decent photo of us! Where John's eyes aren't giant, or his smile is not completely cheesy! 
It's rare. 
"We did it!"  
The girls again. It was hot as hades outside. No joke, I had sweat beads rolling down my face.
Did you know the three of us have been together since pre-school.
Beside my two years spent thinking I was too cool for the world.
That's 17 years. Woah.
I love these two so much, and I love to see both of them so happy with who they have chosen for their ECs.
(I love you too, Mel. Do not fear.)

Monday, July 16, 2012

around the world

The Hawker's officially throw the greatest parties ever.
I was sad to miss out on the Murder Mystery, but I'm so glad I wasn't sick for this one!
We had an Around the World party, where each couple was given a different country to dress up as, and we then played Minute to Win It games, which France ended up winning. Probably the first and last time France will win anything. 
The whole group. We had people representing Germany, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Cape Verde, India, France, China, and Iran. 
John and I were given China. We took the humorous side of the costume and decided to dress up as tourists.
It was so fun. Thanks Hawker's for putting on such a fun event!

easy bake oven

While my sister and her family were in town, the girls and I made red velvet cupcakes in the easy bake oven!
Noelle wanted an easy bake for Christmas, but she can't have one until she's eight. :)

 Noelle is quite the little baker. She was pro.
Sis was a great little froster, except she wanted to just eat the frosting instead of putting it on the cupcakes.

I wanted a picture to show that we matched, but Sis was not having it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Two weeks ago
has it really been two weeks already?
We went to Newport Beach with the Sorensen's.
A trip we planned the first week of October.
We were so ready, and it was well worth the wait.
We drove, which, I wasn't ready for, but it turned out not being bad!
We drove to Vegas and stayed overnight, then went into Caesar's for a little shopping before we hit the road again.
Where I got my first little blue box ever, and in was a super cute sterling silver ring!
I have the best hubby ever.
After leaving Vegas, we stopped in Barstow. 
Except we stopped in the ghetto part of Barstow.
I wish we had gotten pictures because I seriously feared for my life.
It felt like NY, in a subway station. A subway station in a part of town you don't want to be.
Once we reached Newport we spent a lot of time at the beach.
I would never turn down a life where I got to spend my days at the beach.
We also went to the happiest place on Earth!
Where we got the BEST caricature drawn of us, ever.
And got soaked on Splash Mountain.
And where Daniel and I rode the Screamin' California without our spouses because they don't like coasters. 
Can you spot us?
The last night we were there, we decided to venture and get pictures of the sunset. 
Don't mind husband's scary eyes. 
Thank you Sorensen's for being my models.
We also went to Joe's Crab Shack for the first time!
Best crab I've ever had. 
Oh, and Mandy found sketchy shorts under their bed in the beach house.
Such a great vacation.
So needed.
When can we go back?