Monday, November 18, 2013

picture overload

The easiest way to tell a story is through pictures, and when you don't devote that much time to your blog, pictures say a lot. 
Another three months has come and gone, and here I am, just barely getting around to the blog. Oh, well. If you're interested, you can keep on scrolling. 
You know me and my love for Utah football. This season has been no different. 
We've had our ups, and lots of downs, but they are still my team.
Even though it's really hard to continue to watch them lose. 
And especially because we heard today that, once again, we're losing our QB.
Potentially scary stuff for mister Travis.
In August I had an endoscopy done to check for polyps and to have my esophagus stretched so I could swallow food without it feeling like it was getting stuck.
Honestly, it was just like an amazing nap. I could have gone back to sleep after I "woke up", but they made me go home instead. 
September, I ran the Woman of Steel Relay with three of my sisters-in-law, and some of Tacey's friends. 
I won't lie, it sucked.
I'm a procrastinator, and I hate running, so I was not at all prepared. 
I ran 9 miles that day. 
More than I have ever run at one time. 
But, I finished. No one had to take over for me, I didn't get kicked off the course for being too slow.
I can say that I did it.

David got married!
That's right folks, all of the Lawrence boys are officially off the market.
Unless you're married to one, you're missing out. They are all pretty freaking awesome.
Mine being the best, of course. 
David and Amy got married on the 12th of October in the Salt Lake Temple.
We had a nice luncheon afterward at the JSMB, followed by their reception up Milcreek Canyon at Milcreek Inn.
From the day they got engaged, and I realized it was going to be the same time as the Utah v. Stanford game, I was a little upset. Only like the best game of the season, and I had to miss it. And then we WON, which made it sting a little more.
But, after all, family comes first, and even if I feel like they football team is my family, David and Amy are actual family, and I will always put my family first. 
Still proud of my Utes, though.

Love my Walter White.

We were all a little skeptical of having the reception up the canyon in October, but it was actually not even that cold! They had these nice heaters set up outside that kept us all warm, and it was really pretty. Especially with the fall colors.  
All the sisters. :)
Congrats you two!
We love you!
The weekend after the wedding we headed to Vegas with Matt and Millysa for Bug O Rama. Essentially a car show filled with different VWs. Matt and John loved it. Millysa and I got tired and hot from walking around.
You should see the TOMs tan line I have on my foot. Sexy.
We watched some of the drag races which were pretty cool.
Who know an old VW bug can go 111 MPH?
Certainly not I. 

Then we went into the Shelby museum about a half hour before it closed. But we got the full tour, explaining why certain cars were named what they are (not for any logical reason), and why Shelby made the cars he did. Pretty neat. 
I still want to own one. Someday.
We stayed on Fremont Street, at the Plaza, which was surprisingly very nice. Fremont Street is like 10 times as crazy at night than the Strip, and I saw things I can't un-see. But it was an experience. We got to go to a free Our Lady Peace concert, which the owner of the D Casino was sponsoring, right outside his casino, which is new.
It's rare that you get to go to a free concert, and even more rare when it's a band that you actually know.
Yes, this happened. This man has his shirt tucked into his back pockets. He kept taking video with his phone, but didn't realize that his hand was in front of his camera, so he had a lot of videos of his hand. I'm sure the next morning caused some major confusion for him.

The week before Halloween the Sorensen's threw a Clue themed murder mystery. We had dinner and then played the game, around the house. It was super fun! 
Mrs. White; Mr. Green; Mrs. Peacock; Professor Plum; Colonel Mustard; Miss Scarlet

These two are quite the characters. 

John committed fully to his part, and shaved the cul-de-sac. 
As he put it, "What professor has a full head of hair?"

Miss Scarlet ended up being the murderer. 
Mandy ended up winning. Rigged. Just Kidding!
It was so fun to dress up! And do have Patty's totally real furs. 
She pulled them out of a closet, and John and I were shocked.
SO soft.

Monday, the 28th of October was my 24th birthday.
24? When did I get so old?
It was a good day.
I worked, like most grown-ups, and then John and I went to Cheesecake Factory, and he took me shopping. 
He had me all excited for this gift, only to inform me that it wasn't in stock, and would be arriving closer to Christmas, so it will now be a Christmas gift. I was kind of freaking out, wanted to know what it was. But he will not tell me. So, I'll let you know come Christmas!
My parents sent me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers at my office. 
Gotta love Skyline Flowers. They do amazing work!
My girl Mel Nash sent cookies to me at work also.
My boss kept coming over, and saying "Oooh, those look really good". I caught the hint, and gave him one.
Pretty much my friends and family are the bomb, and made me feel very special on my birthday. 

We carved pumpkins for Halloween with some of John's siblings and their kids. 
So many pumpkin guts, all over.
Leave it to my husband to make a scary pumpkin, and use an action figure to complete his work.

On Halloween, we both worked, and then spent the evening with the Lawrence's. After all, it is Patty's favorite holiday.
This is Lillie. We are in no way related.
We just work together.
From the first day at this job, people have called me Lillie, and are constantly getting us confused for each other.
So we decided to take advantage of it, and dressed up as each other for Halloween! 

I couldn't think of anything I could dress up as that would relate to his Walter White. I thought maybe Lydia, but I didn't want to walk around in heels all night. And Skylar is blonde. Boo. 

Arguably the greatest Walter White next to Bryan Cranston. 

The whole clan!
We have clowns with their elephant (who is not in her costume in this, but she was SO cute)
David and Amy walked around in morph suits, and Amy couldn't see. Hilarity ensued.
Jenny dressed up as Venom, and her friend Val was a caveman. 
Dan and Kristy dressed up as magicians and little N was their rabbit in the hat. Very clever.

That's it party people. 
Here we are a week away from Thanksgiving, and who knows, the next time I blog may be right after Christmas.