our love story

they went to the same high school.
they never spoke.
he graduated and went on a mission.
she finished high school.
he came home.
they met at a mutual friend's house.
she hated being single.
he hated her for voicing it.
they later sat on a swing and conversed about life.
he loved her smile and his ability to make her laugh.
she liked him but kept it a secret.
he cancelled a date last minute to take her instead.
her secret was out.
their first kiss was august 27, 2008.
they said i love you soon after that.
he proposed april 6, 2009.
she couldn't believe it.
and asked if he was serious three or four times.
but then she said yes.
they got married on july 27, 2009.
he is john.
she is emily.
they are the lawrence's.