Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I miss him.
I find myself crying a lot lately, just wanting him to be home.
I know, he's where he's supposed to be.
But he's my best friend, and I miss him.
April can't come fast enough.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I've been on the hunt for a house recently.
From Holladay up to Centerville.
It's been quite the adventure.
I found one that I loved, but John didn't think it fit our budget.
Admittedly, it didn't.
I loved it though.
I'm currently looking in Bountiful, West Bountiful, Woods Cross, etc.
And today I stumbled upon this little beauty.
Historic home.
Yes, it's only 1200 square feet, but it's also on a half an acre.
Room to expand maybe?
It has a two car garage, and TWO sheds for John to do whatever he dang well pleases in.
And guess what? 
It's in our price range.
John is nervous to even think about buying a house. 
He says we're too young.
I, on the other hand, get my hopes up too easily.
I just want a home of my own.
That's all. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was 11 years old.
I woke up, like any other morning, turned on the news, and watched the second plane hit the second tower.
I don't think at the time I fully comprehended what was happening, but as I sat at my desk on Friday and listened to a local morning show talk about their feelings that day, and callers' feelings, every emotion I had ever felt about that day came flooding back.
I never cried, I never had a reason to. But Friday, I cried.
So many people died that day, so many innocent people.
So many of our armed forces sacrificed their lives that day to save other people.
So many of our armed forces still sacrifice their lives today to protect our freedom.
I am eternally grateful to those people.
I know I will never forget the feelings I felt that day, and the feelings I still feel because of this attack on our country.
I hope you won't either.
God bless the USA.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

utah vs. montana state

Oh Utah football, how I have missed you. 
I love not being in the MUSS aka being able to sit down and watch the game, but I hate that the people around me don't want to cheer and um...sing the fight song maybe?

I absolutely love that the whole MUSS does the dance with Crazy Lady.
Jordan Wynn...you make me a little nervous.
Please throw the ball. DEEP.
Favorite picture. 
Johnny White (yes, I will call him Johnny)
You are officially my favorite.
I love you.

Day with the A's

John and I spent a day with the Salty A's out at Miller Motor Sports Park.
We took a tour of Larry H. Miller's car museum. Seriously, I'm extremely jealous of  his collection. I love Shelby Cobras. 
Everyone with an A there got to drive it around the track once. 
Funny story.
We thought that everyone was getting two rounds around the track, so the first lap Matt dropped me off at the first turn so I could get pictures of everyone coming around the second time.
They didn't get two laps.
Just one.
I was left, standing on turn one.
Luckily, this super nice guy in a golf cart came and picked me up.
He laughed at me the whole way back.
I was recruited to take pictures.
This is my favorite  one.
After the sports park we went to this warehouse where this man has over the years collected things from WWII. 
It was the most amazing thing ever. He had American, Russian, German, Japanese, everything. 
It was probably something we'll never get the opportunity to experience again, so..I took a ton of pictures.
But don't worry, I'll only post one.

Thursday, September 1, 2011