Thursday, May 8, 2014

Employee of the Quarter

My company, or at least my department, gives awards for "Employee of the Quarter".
As a minimal part of the department, I've never really thought that I would be nominated for it, let alone win. Apparently my boss thought otherwise. He nominated me for Q1, and I ended up receiving the award. 

There is nothing like recognition for the work you do every day, and it was a great feeling to know that people notice what I'm doing, and appreciate it! 
At the meeting they read small little blips that my boss and a coworker had written. They were both so nice and thoughtful that I asked if I could get a copy. 

My coworker said, "Emily is a super star! She is one of the kindest co-workers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is dedicated to her job and helps boost the morale of those around her. And she does this all with a smile on her face and in her heart."

And my boss, "Emily is a great employee and a huge benefit for CR England. She has no problem taking on new tasks and doing things outside of her comfort zone. Whether it's designing reports/images for Rigo, calling competitors for Steve, creating social media content, or managing the accounting/finances for out team, she always completed her tasks with an above and beyond mentality. Emily also comes to work every day with a positive attitude and willing to help where needed. It is an honor and privilege to have her on our team."

Super nice huh?

 I certainly am not one that enjoys being the center of attention, and when they announced my name and put my picture on the screen, my face went bright red. Of course. 

For winning the award, I get my own parking spot, with my name on it, for Q2. Pretty freaking awesome, because sometimes finding a parking spot in the morning, or after lunch is a difficult task. 

girls night out

Two weekends ago, Mandy, Marianne, Melissa, Lizzie, and myself all showed up on Lauren's doorstep with food and balloons. She didn't know anyone beside Liz was coming, and boy was she surprised. 
Lauren graduated from the U in Child Life, and recently got her dream job being a Child Life Specialist at Primary Children's Hospital. A very coveted position. So we wanted to celebrate her!
It was a long over GNO. We spent hours sitting at her kitchen table, snacking and talking about anything and everything. When you have known each other for 10 years, it isn't hard to converse for hours on end. Liz had plans of us watching a movie, but that didn't even happen because we didn't stop talking. Until about 1 AM. I haven't been up that late in a long time, but I didn't even realize how late it was because I was seriously having so much fun. Love these girls so much! 

Of course when I'm gone, and with Mandy, Daniel and John end of together. I came home and this is what I found.
 Apparently, they had gone to the Albertson's and bought every kind of Root Bear that you can buy, and tried them all. Well, not all. As many as they could. John said he kind of felt bad, because they were walking into our house with all of these bottles in bags while our neighbor was hosting an AA meeting. He said to me, "They don't know it's Root Beer!"