Friday, July 10, 2009

the beginning of the end...

Last night was the first of many showers before the wedding, and I must say that it was pretty entertaining. I'm not a shower person but it was good, so a big THANK YOU to Stacey, Jan, Bri, and Steph. We started out by eating, (chicken salad sandwiches, my favorite!) and then we played this lovely game. There were three teams, and they had to make bridal gowns out of toilet paper and tape.

These were the three different brides...
Jenny, Steph, and Kate

Because I was the final vote on the gown, I was the officially baby holder. Something I didn't object to.

Cute Cali. Just had to throw a picture of her in here.

This was the winning bride with her bridesmaids.
Kate, Rebekah, Morgan, and Amy

Stacey decided that I look like a Who from Whoville when I put my face like this, so she had to take a picture. Thank you Jenny for the lovely headpiece/vail.

Movie essentials from Bri. Perfect gift for us, because I swear that's all we do.

And this is the must-have for a 2009 grocery shower, a re-usable grocery bag. Both of my sissies had this lovely idea. :)

We made a haul. Seriously, we got so much food, and we have nowhere to put it at this point. It is now sitting in a corner in my bedroom until John finishes the kitchen in the apartment...which hopefully is early next week. Eeek. I don't know if I'm ready for packing. It is my biggest enemy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have an itch..

No, not a baby itch.
An itch to get away. To have it FINALLY be time for the wedding, and to have all the stress of planning just melt away.
Also, to see all my family. I really miss you Albertsen clan. I stalk you regularly and it doesn't make it any easier. I'm going to soak up the two days I have with you.
I'm definitely ready for vacation; ready to quit being a bridezilla (which I should probably apologize publicly for...sorry family. And John)
Everything has definitely caught up to me.
I've been sick for about 2 weeks now, and I've never been so nauseated in my life. Finally went to the doctor and they perscribed pills and the whole deal and then I get a voicemail yesterday...I call back the clinic and what do they tell me? My test results came back and they found E-Coli in my system. No wonder I've wanted to vomit for so long now. They say it's nothing to worry about but I'm on day 3 of 5 of my pills and still feel like poop.
Like I said...I have an itch to get away.