Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

This year was, of course, John's first Father's Day! After buying myself a new designer handbag for Mother's Day, I felt like he needed an equal gift. He had been asking for this full size Storm Trooper costume, yes, that he can wear. The one he was looking at was authentic, but it was a kit, so you have to put it together when you get it, well, everything except for the helmet. So, it was on sale through Star Wars day (May 4), and like really on sale, so if I was going to buy it, I was going to need to buy it before that day. Well May 4 just so happened to fall on like the busiest week or our lives, and happened to be the day before Riley's wedding, which meant that I totally spaced buying it. But I had already told John that I was going to buy it. By the time I realized it, it was too late. Thankfully, J went ahead and bought it, knowing that I would forget. So glad. But, even though it is a Father's Day gift, it won't be here until December. Uh...more like Christmas. So I decided he needed something on the actual day also. He has been talking about this picture since we got them back, and kept saying he really wants it printed on a big canvas. So, that's what I did! I printed it out on a 16x20 (I think), and gave it to him yesterday. It looks so freaking awesome. I'm in love with this picture. 
We saw both families yesterday, which was nice to see both of our Dad's. I made John pose for a picture with the Miss, in a onesie that I actually bought last year for Father's Day. I found out I was pregnant the week before Father's Day last year, so I bought this onesie, and it just so happened to be the perfect size to fit her this year! Pretty awesome luck. It says "I'm your Father's Day gift. Mom says your welcome". I thought it was pretty hilarious. Our ward did the cutest little handout for all of the Dad's. It says "Some people say that a P2 drill bit is the best gift for Father's Day, others say chocolate never faileth, but whether we call you Pop, Grandpa, Dad, or Husband, Happy Father's Day" with a drill bit, candy bar, and small bag of popcorn attached. SO CUTE, and so clever! After church, we all took a nap. It is so nice to have a baby that takes a nice long afternoon nap, because that means we get to take a nice long afternoon nap! It's the best on Sunday afternoons.
We had dinner with my Mom's extended family in my Grandparents backyard, which is pretty much the epitome of Summer, and pretty much my favorite thing. It was the first Father's Day without my Grandpa, and still, every time we're at their house, I feel like she should be there. He is there, just not physically, and I miss him. We went up to John's parent's house after dinner, and played games with his siblings and his Mom, and chatted with his Dad. Mike may not be around all the time, but that guy is seriously funny. I could sit and talk to him for hours, and just laugh.
It was a really busy day, but it was nice to see everyone, and spend times with the different Dads in our lives.

Friday, June 19, 2015

It's Been Four Months.

My baby is four months old. I'm not sure how I feel about that. All I can tell you, is that when people say they grow up really fast, they aren't lying. I was looking at the pictures from the day Ruby was born, and it feels like yesterday, but she has grown so much since that day, I can't even believe it. 
Another thing I have learned after having a take so many more pictures than you ever have in your life. Seriously, my phone is constantly telling me I have no more storage space. So, prepare for photo overload. 
Ruby's 1 month photo shoot. She HATED being naked, or even close to naked, so that is why she is crying....and, she wanted me to pick her up. Ha.

Ruby took her first trip to the lake in March. It also happened to be during March Madness, so we had to have her reppin' the Utes! 
First St. Patrick's Day! 

Also during March Madness. The day the U played (and lost) to Duke, actually. My sister took a bunch of different photos of her, and then she took a nap with Papa. 
So glad that we got some pictures of her with Grandma Grow. Since this, Grandma has moved into a care facility and is battling some major dementia. It's sad to see someone you love so much living in such a distorted state of reality. 
This was when she was first starting to smile. It was really more of a smirk. 
Such a hooligan. 
Our first Easter as a family of three. 
Two months old!
More napping with Papa. Pretty much their MO. 
Her first real blowout. It was kind of disgusting, and there was poop everywhere.
Check out that scowl. Totally gets that from her Mama. 
Ruby's blessing was the first Sunday in May. John did such an amazing job! He was so worried that he was going to get up there, and start speaking Lativan, because he says all of his prayers in Lativan. But, he said it in English, and I was so impressed. 

The first week of May was a busy one. The Tuesday after Ruby's blessing was Riley and Britian's wedding. Ruby was the star of the night in her cute little gold and cream dress. That Thursday was Tom's graduation from graduate school, and we attended that with Kati and my Mom. Rubs was such a champ, she just hung out during the graduation, and didn't even make a peep! Just watched all the people, and loved it. 
May also marked my return to work. Pretty much the hardest thing I've done since she was born. So much worse than watching her get shots. Every morning this is what I leave; these two cuddling in bed. We are so blessed to have so much family that is not only close enough to watch her, but willing to watch her. It really makes our lives so much easier.
We bought a Bumbo at the Walmart in Evanston while on our way to the lake the last weekend before I went back to work. It was crazy then that she could sit in a bumbo, and is even crazier now that she doesn't wobble at all when she sits in it. She loves to sit on the kitchen table while we eat, except she thinks that she should be eating what we're eating also.
She was not excited for this photo shoot. She really hated me this day.
With me being back at work, Ruby would spend 2 days a week with Graham, Olivia and Millysa. She and Graham are going to be the best of friends, I just love it.
Probably my favorite onesie she owns. Thanks Kens.
I think we spent more time at the GTI while I was on maternity leave than we did at home. And as you can see, it didn't end when I went back to work. This is an outfit my sister Rachel sent me. She bought it in the Netherlands when she was pregnant with her first son, and both of her boys wore it. It totally passes as a girl outfit though, just added a bow! It says "I love Papa" -- Ruby wasn't cooperating with that hand, as you can tell. 
Got this picture while at work one day from Kate who was watching her, in her cute new Vera Bradley dress. It will be super cute when it's not so big! :)
The cousins sure love holding this kid.
Addison is better when they're just holding hands. She seems to enjoy that a lot more.
Kati and I took some family photos for our Aunt and Uncle, and Ruby joined us in the Baby Bjorn. This is one of my favorites right now. 
Some of my coworkers wanted me to bring Ruby in for lunch. Well...I live 20 minutes from my office, so I wasn't going to pick her up, be at the office for an hour, and then drive her home; so, she spent the afternoon at the office with me. And took a nap in this giant office chair we have just hanging out.
She is so obsessed with sucking on her hand. 4 MONTHS!
Look at that smile!! I melt. 
She was totally flirting with Jenny's boyfriend when I took this. 
The fact that I can lay her on this mat, and she plays by herself for an hour makes this the best thing we own. She is grabbing things all the time now, and is just growing up so much, I can't handle it. I really should blog on more of a regular basis, instead of just overloading it every once in a while. :)