Wednesday, June 29, 2011

M&B Wedding

Well, my little Mel Nash is married. Still kind of weird!
Her wedding was beautiful, and of course she had everything planned out when we got there to set up, all down to one list. So her.
Bryan is a goof. Love it.
Mandy, Lauren, Liz, Marianne, Me.
It was extremely windy.
Liz, Lauren, Rachel, Rachel, Mel, Maria, Melissa, Marianne, Me, Mandy
Love all of these girls.
My two favorites.
So tender!
B: "I have the greatest friends in the world. Melissa's are alright."
M: Smacks him. "That is a lie! You are great."

The Point really is so gorgeous. The day went off without a hitch (in my opinion, but I also didn't plan it) and I got lots of pictures which is always good. :)
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Baucom.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

the floor

Remember how I told you about my amazing husband re-finishing the hardwood floor? Well, I decided I would show you. :)
This is before...once we had it sanded down and everything. There was a bunch of paint on it before we (John) sanded it.
And this is after! How amazing does it look? I love it. And we've picked out a yellow that we're going to paint the walls in there, super stoked.

Friday, June 24, 2011

have I ever told you

How much I love my husband and his ability to do just about anything?
He re-finished the hardwood floor in the duplex that we're moving into.
That's right, we're moving. This week.
I really couldn't ask for anyone better than my John.
I just love him.
Did I already say that?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


my name is emily lawrence and I'm a shoe-a-holic.
Guys, I have a really bad obsession.
I've needed jeans so badly, because of holes in un-appealing areas.
And in the process of finding new jeans I bought...
pairs of shoes.
That's not a joke.
I got two new pairs of flip flops, a pair of new blue wedges, black flats, pink flats, brown pumps and yellow pumps.
In my defense, the flip flops, wedges, and black flats were BOGO, so we only spent 36 dollars on those. The yellow pumps were purchased for Mel's wedding (which I also bought a new dress for...whoops) and Charlotte Russe was having buy one get one for $10, so I got brown pumps. My brown pumps have duct tape on them, it was time for new ones. And the pink flats...they were just cute, and were only 12 bucks. So overall, I spent under $100. For seven pairs of shoes. Not bad, right? Ha. I have a problem. But, it's hard to not be attracted to shoes, because they always fit. And recently, it's hard to find anything else cute (and that covers) that fits.
But the good news, I found two new pairs of jeans! Plato's closet is also my new obsession. I got two brand-freaking-new pairs of jeans. One pair from Charlotte Russe for 20 bucks, and a pair from Banana Republic for 25. Two pairs for 45 dollars! I have never spent that little on jeans, but I freaking love how they look and how they fit.
Life is good.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

life changing.

One of my facebook friends posted this to their fbook today.

After watching it, I did the same. And posted it to my Twitter. So, I figured the blog needs it also.

I wish I had seen this when I was sixteen.