Monday, August 30, 2010


Saturday, August 21, 2010

m and d.

This past Monday, August 16, one of my best friend married John's best friend.
How lucky is that?
We got to be a part of their entire day, and it was a fun one.
Tiring, but fun.
I had Daniel's, very nice, camera all day, just snapping kandids, so hopefully they don't mind that I'm posting some of them to the blog.
Liz, Me, Marianne, Abbi, Melissa, and Lauren
Waiting for the couple outside of the temple.
So happy to be happy.
He actually smiled for a picture. I must say though, this was the second attempt.
All the friends and the beautiful bride.
I loved her dress, you would never know it was originally strapless huh?
The magic of alterations.
These two are a pair..
Probably the most artsy photo taken all day.
Love it.
The bench picture.
Apparently the girls took one exactly like this at our wedding.
So cute. So happy.
Daniel's fantastic aunt made name tags and favors for everyone at the luncheon.
Cute sucker attached to the name tags, and then homemade lemonade mix as the favor.
Mandy Sorensen...weird.
Granite Bakery seriously does awesome cakes.
Mandy walked in, showed them a picture of what she wanted, and it is.
My handsome hubby.
The friends again, in our adorable bridesmaids outfits.
The bridesmaids, minus Allison
Gorgeous bridesmaid bouquet.
All in all, a great day.
I tried to refrain from putting a ton of pictures of the two of them on here, seeing as they are still on their honeymoon and haven't even seen these pictures yet.
It was fun to take so many pictures, I can now honestly say that I would love to be a wedding photographer.
Which, brings me to my next point.
Back to school Monday.
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We spent the last week up in Bear Lake, with both families. We started out spending last weekend with the Johnson family for the family reunion, and then went back up with my family, just to hang out.

Cute Alice. She's calls me Mom. NBD.

She wanted to drive the Honda, so I let her sit in the driver seat (just in the driveway, no worries.) She would sit down and tell me she had to be buckled, so cute.
We played games as families at the reunion and at the end this was given to one family, and it will be passed around from family to family. Of course John carved it, and of course it had to be my favorite one that they were giving away. Seriously, how cute is he?
This was on the hike up to Bloomington Lake.
Snow in July. Yep, we're that high up.
Bloomington lake is a glacier lake I should add. It was the COLDEST lake I have ever been in, in my life. When I got in, I couldn't breathe. No joke, I felt like I was going to drown; and there was no beach, so there wasn't really anywere you could just hang out. It was a lot of a fun though, there was a rope swing which everyone played on, and then a glacier on the other side that you could climb up and slide down into the water. I'm a scardey-cat and didn't do either, but I enjoyed watching. :)
I don't have any pictures from BL with my family, so I will have to post them later, after I still them from Daniel. :)

one year

I can't believe we've been married for a year. Some days it feels as if it were yesterday, other days it feels like it's been much longer than that.
I have learned so much about John this last year, and I'm sure he's discovered some things about me (possibly that he doesn't love).
For example, did you know John is good at just about everything he does?
He decides he wants to do something, and just does it, and is good at it.
He can fix anything you need him to, even if he has to watch a YouTube video to see how it's done.
He can draw, sculpt, paint, carve anything you want him to.
And not to mention you'll never find another person who is more willing to help anyone and everyone. He truly is the greatest person, and I am so lucky to have scooped him up.
For our anniversary, John brought home these pretty flowers. The finishing touch on our cute little set-up.
One year later, and he still loves me. :)
Check out those chins.
Fat and happy.
We kept the top tier of our wedding cake, and it's been sitting in plastic wrap in our freezer since we got home from our honeymoon. We kind of were really scared to cut into it. But didn't regret it once we had.
We were expecting chocolate cake, because we thought that's what we had been told that's what it was. But it was just like the rest of our wedding cake...Raspberry Torte.
Seriously, the best cake ever, and tasted just as fabulous as we remembered.
Overall, a great day.
Here's to eternity. :)