Thursday, April 9, 2015

Newborn Photos

I am so obsessed with these photos that were taken by the incredibly talented Brittany Gray. They were taken when Ruby was just five days old, and I will cherish them forever. They are already plastered all over our house. I really couldn't decide on a few of them to post, but I really shouldn't post all of them, so here are some that I chose!
She does the cutest thing EVER. She sniffles like she is going to sneeze but instead of sneezing, she lets out this adorable sigh. I really need to get it on video.
I'm obsessed with this photo of the three of us.  
She has the same scowl as her mama.
 Of course I had to get some with her in Utah gear. She is going to a fan, after all.
How cute are those little booties!?
My loves. 
First official family photo!