Saturday, March 17, 2012

as of late

Alright, are you ready for an update?
Because it's comin' at ya, right, now.

For Valentine's Day I got John tickets to Monster Jam (we've been ever Valentine's Day since we've been together, romantic right?)
This  year it didn't fall ON Valentine's day, but two weeks after.
John loved it, as always.
I feel like I've seen it before. (Weird)
John, and everyone's, favorite; Grave Digger.
It was the 30th anniversary of this car/driver.
Kind of crazy! 
I thought this part was cool, because he rolled his car.
Oh, and he is from Utah.

My Uncle whom I haven't seen in TEN years was in town last week!
Unfortunately, it is because my grandmother is in the hospital, but don't worry, she's doing much better and should be home after a couple week of rehab.
It was so good to see him, he looks the exact same.
Me, Kate, Steve, Stacey 
He called me his "Little Child of Light", seeing as that was the last time I was here, when I was in the Olympic Ceremonies.
Everyone and anyone who could was invited to dinner to celebrate him being here. 
This is everyone at the Grub, of course.

This last Monday, John and I went to a Jazz game with Daniel and Mandy.
Groupon was having a deal on tickets for this game only, so we figured why not!
The Jazz won, which is always nice, and even though we sat in the upper bowl, I still got some cool pictures.
My man Millsap. 
Big Al with the dunk! 
Had to get one of John's man crush Gordon Hayward. 
And this is the "shot of the night".
I just liked how it turned out!

And finally! Last night we met little Kennedy, Eric and Tanya's brand new baby girl.
She is the cutest! I think she looks like a little Eskimo and I love it.
Holding her made me baby hungry.