Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stress Fracture.

In June I got an email from my sisters telling me that they were signing up for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco, and that I should join them. It's a lottery, so there is no guarantee by signing up that we will actually get in. I begrudgingly signed up, thinking that there was no way we would get in, because all you every hear about is people who have been trying for a decade and have never gotten in. Sure enough, the second week of July I get an email saying, "You're In!" ...I about pooped my pants. I immediately got sick to my stomach, and started looking up training programs. I started training the Monday following that email, and was running three times a week, with two days of cross training, and two days of rest. I had problems with my brand new shoes, which led to major knee pain. I wasn't able to run more than mile without absolutely losing it and sobbing at how much my knee hurt. Luckily, when returning said shoes to SL Running, they were able to get me into another pair that alleviated all pain in my knee! Huge win.
About four weeks ago, I made Kati do my "long run" with me, which for her was like any other day. I needed to do six miles, so she suggested we do three miles down Milcreek Canyon, and then another three from the canyon to her house. Downhill the whole way? Let's do it! I actually survived said run, even if it took me the same amount of time it usually takes Kati to do a half marathon. Kate pushed Ruby the whole time, who, by the way, loves being in the stroller and doesn't make a single peep. 
The next day I was sore, but that was to be expected. The thing that hurt most was my ankles, which I thought was weird, but just chalked it up as being part of running downhill for six miles.  The bad part about it was that it hindered my ability to continue to run. The following week I was barely able to do anything without it aching, and it just got worse as time went by. A week and half later and my right ankle was still swollen, and hurt more and more each day, especially at the end of the day after I had been on it all day. Ruby had a check up Thursday of that week, so I figured while I was there I would stop at the Instacare. Harder than I would have ever thought it would be. Ruby didn't want to sit in her carrier, so I was holding her, and her carseat. When they went to take my blood pressure, she tried to take the Oxygen thing off my finger. They didn't even try to weigh me, because, how? Got into the office and had to change into a gown (I was also there because of a cough I'd had for the same amount of time). Then Ruby was hungry, so I had to make her a bottle, at the doctor's office. I don't even remember how I got the warm water. Luckily she finished eating right before the doctor came in and was okay hanging out in her carseat for a little bit.
The doctor couldn't really tell me what was wrong with my ankle. He told me that he thought it was an injury due to over-use, but that I would need to go see a Sports Medicine doctor. So, that's what I ended up doing.
Almost a week later I was in the Sport Medicine doctor's office, explaining to him the sage of events that had happened over the last 2.5 weeks, and how I was training for a half marathon in October, but hadn't been able to run since that six-mile day. He pretty much told me to kiss of the half, and informed me that I have tendonitis in my ankle and/or a stress fracture. There wasn't really a point in taking an x-ray because you often can't see them on x-rays, and the treatment for both things is the same regardless. What's the treatment you ask? Oh, just wearing this awesome boot for two weeks. The first thing I thought of was driving. I've had to take this sucker off every time I drive. It is a pain in the neck. The doctor also told me I needed to go to Physical Therapy to help strengthen that tendon, because it will get weaker with wearing the boot.
I went to PT for the first time this past Monday and it turns out I have really weak hips. My tendon in my left foot is stronger than my right, but it's still pretty weak. The PT worked me out for about 45 minutes and then gave me a list of exercises to do at home. It was crazy how sore my butt was Monday afternoon. But, strengthening my hips will help strengthen my knees, and my ankles which means less pain or no pain! That would be super nice.
I find out tomorrow if I can take the boot off. I'm pretty confident that I won't have to wear it anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to slowly get back into running. After working so hard toward something that I'm not able to do anymore, I was a little bummed. So, I signed up for another half in May in none other then DISNEYLAND. I'm pretty stoked about that. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Six Months.

 Miss Ruby is already six months old. She spends a lot of time on her belly, but she hasn't quite figured out how to prop herself up on all fours. She got her first stomach bug, and we spent three days with all three of us throwing up. There's a moment in life when you realize you've reached official #momstatus and that is when you wake up at 3AM with your infant throwing up on you, and you don't do anything about it; you just let it happen. Dark times at our house, I'm telling you. 
My sister Kati took Ruby to her first Kindermusik class. She was apparently very intrigued, but, she pooped like 10 minutes into the class and was the uncomfortable stinky kid the rest of the time. I'm sure it was awkward because when this kid poops, you know it. Her whole face goes bright red, and she stops breathing. There's no denying it. 

Probably some of my favorite photos were taken on Labor Day. Thanks to Kate for capturing them.

We got another four generation picture! And this one is actually really cute, yay! 

The miss finally sleeps in her own crib, in her own room! (!!) It took four days of tough love, if you will, but we did it. I think it was harder for John and I than it was for her, but we are to the point where she sleeps all night, and she's not in my bed anymore, which means I get to actually sleep.  Definitely not a bad thing.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Six Years.

 Our anniversary this year was on a Monday, which made for a real exciting day. John and I both went to work, and then we went to dinner, our child in tow. I did come home to some gorgeous flowers though. In three different vases. Our house smelled wonderful! J had planned for us to go away for that weekend, just to the Anniversary Inn in Logan. Ruby was sent to the lake with my parents, so we were able to come over the mountain into Bear Lake to pick her up. 
We were a little leery of "going away" to Logan. Is there anything to do in Logan? We found this really cool old restaurant though, on Main Street, that we were able to have dinner at, and great dessert! They have a old-fashioned bar where you can sit on a stool and eat an ice cream sundae, in the tall glass and all. That was pretty cool. It was within walking distance from the hotel so we were able to walk to and from, which was also nice. The Anniversary Inn has themed rooms, and our was the Presidential Suite, or something to that affect. We ended up deciding that it was how we wanted our master bedroom to be set up one day. We are such weirdos, but that is totally how we think! It was kind of funny; there were three TVs in the room, and every single one of them didn't have any volume, one didn't have a remote to change the volume, and one didn't have a remote at all! We had planned on watching a movie, and it proved to be more difficult than we planned. Ha. 

Let's be honest, this is the honest rendition of the picture above. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Months Old

 It's hard to watch my baby grow up so quickly, but, here she is, 5 months old. She smiles all the time, but we're still working on getting her to laugh. It's like she thinks she's laughing, but it's silent and at this end she lets out this grunt-like noise. It's so funny. She has all sorts of noises down, including a velociraptor squeal, that she likes to make around 3AM. She also gasps, a lot. Not sure what she's trying to do, but it is one weird noise! She has started eating solid foods, and she absolutely loves them. We've had some troubles with her tummy liking the solid foods, but it hasn't slowed her down. 

She sits up on her own! I'm not sure I'm okay with this. 
 We went to the home that my Grandmother is living in to have dinner one night, and I got some super sweet photos of the two of them. Grandma has always loved Ruby, and is always telling me that she is "such a good baby!" I'm glad that they have been able to spend some time together -- you never know when we won't be able to see Grandma anymore.
We tried to get a four-generation photo, but it didn't turn out the best. 
The weekend of the 24th of July was spent at the Johnson family reunion. It was held at Grandma Johnson's house, and this year it was circus themed. The 25th this year marked 7 years of John and I knowing each other. If you would have told either of seven years ago that we would be together now, and have a kid, we probably would have laughed in your face. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015


After a week in Bear Lake in July, Ruby and I spent a day in Park City with the girls. A much needed girls day, and night. 
We spent the day at the pool, and Ruby was a champ. She absolutely loves the water, and even took a couple naps just out in the open. Kind of unheard of, so I loved it. I got burnt to a crisp, she stayed her pasty self. Probably because I was more worried about her burning, so I lathered her with a ton of sunscreen while I left myself exposed!
We ate and wandered Main Street, because, you have to. We made a stranger take pictures of us, and some man said he wanted to be carried around in the Baby Bjorn. We had to go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, of course, and a woman in the store kept telling me how good of a baby Ruby was. Seriously, she told me like four times. Thank you ma'am, I'm aware. After Main Street we headed back to the Schmidt's condo and played some games.

Telestrations always ends in some really funny, and really awkward pictures. Mandy's drawing of a monkey eating a banana had to be documented. Especially after having her tell me, "Keep your mind clean with this one!"

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

This year was, of course, John's first Father's Day! After buying myself a new designer handbag for Mother's Day, I felt like he needed an equal gift. He had been asking for this full size Storm Trooper costume, yes, that he can wear. The one he was looking at was authentic, but it was a kit, so you have to put it together when you get it, well, everything except for the helmet. So, it was on sale through Star Wars day (May 4), and like really on sale, so if I was going to buy it, I was going to need to buy it before that day. Well May 4 just so happened to fall on like the busiest week or our lives, and happened to be the day before Riley's wedding, which meant that I totally spaced buying it. But I had already told John that I was going to buy it. By the time I realized it, it was too late. Thankfully, J went ahead and bought it, knowing that I would forget. So glad. But, even though it is a Father's Day gift, it won't be here until December. Uh...more like Christmas. So I decided he needed something on the actual day also. He has been talking about this picture since we got them back, and kept saying he really wants it printed on a big canvas. So, that's what I did! I printed it out on a 16x20 (I think), and gave it to him yesterday. It looks so freaking awesome. I'm in love with this picture. 
We saw both families yesterday, which was nice to see both of our Dad's. I made John pose for a picture with the Miss, in a onesie that I actually bought last year for Father's Day. I found out I was pregnant the week before Father's Day last year, so I bought this onesie, and it just so happened to be the perfect size to fit her this year! Pretty awesome luck. It says "I'm your Father's Day gift. Mom says your welcome". I thought it was pretty hilarious. Our ward did the cutest little handout for all of the Dad's. It says "Some people say that a P2 drill bit is the best gift for Father's Day, others say chocolate never faileth, but whether we call you Pop, Grandpa, Dad, or Husband, Happy Father's Day" with a drill bit, candy bar, and small bag of popcorn attached. SO CUTE, and so clever! After church, we all took a nap. It is so nice to have a baby that takes a nice long afternoon nap, because that means we get to take a nice long afternoon nap! It's the best on Sunday afternoons.
We had dinner with my Mom's extended family in my Grandparents backyard, which is pretty much the epitome of Summer, and pretty much my favorite thing. It was the first Father's Day without my Grandpa, and still, every time we're at their house, I feel like she should be there. He is there, just not physically, and I miss him. We went up to John's parent's house after dinner, and played games with his siblings and his Mom, and chatted with his Dad. Mike may not be around all the time, but that guy is seriously funny. I could sit and talk to him for hours, and just laugh.
It was a really busy day, but it was nice to see everyone, and spend times with the different Dads in our lives.

Friday, June 19, 2015

It's Been Four Months.

My baby is four months old. I'm not sure how I feel about that. All I can tell you, is that when people say they grow up really fast, they aren't lying. I was looking at the pictures from the day Ruby was born, and it feels like yesterday, but she has grown so much since that day, I can't even believe it. 
Another thing I have learned after having a take so many more pictures than you ever have in your life. Seriously, my phone is constantly telling me I have no more storage space. So, prepare for photo overload. 
Ruby's 1 month photo shoot. She HATED being naked, or even close to naked, so that is why she is crying....and, she wanted me to pick her up. Ha.

Ruby took her first trip to the lake in March. It also happened to be during March Madness, so we had to have her reppin' the Utes! 
First St. Patrick's Day! 

Also during March Madness. The day the U played (and lost) to Duke, actually. My sister took a bunch of different photos of her, and then she took a nap with Papa. 
So glad that we got some pictures of her with Grandma Grow. Since this, Grandma has moved into a care facility and is battling some major dementia. It's sad to see someone you love so much living in such a distorted state of reality. 
This was when she was first starting to smile. It was really more of a smirk. 
Such a hooligan. 
Our first Easter as a family of three. 
Two months old!
More napping with Papa. Pretty much their MO. 
Her first real blowout. It was kind of disgusting, and there was poop everywhere.
Check out that scowl. Totally gets that from her Mama. 
Ruby's blessing was the first Sunday in May. John did such an amazing job! He was so worried that he was going to get up there, and start speaking Lativan, because he says all of his prayers in Lativan. But, he said it in English, and I was so impressed. 

The first week of May was a busy one. The Tuesday after Ruby's blessing was Riley and Britian's wedding. Ruby was the star of the night in her cute little gold and cream dress. That Thursday was Tom's graduation from graduate school, and we attended that with Kati and my Mom. Rubs was such a champ, she just hung out during the graduation, and didn't even make a peep! Just watched all the people, and loved it. 
May also marked my return to work. Pretty much the hardest thing I've done since she was born. So much worse than watching her get shots. Every morning this is what I leave; these two cuddling in bed. We are so blessed to have so much family that is not only close enough to watch her, but willing to watch her. It really makes our lives so much easier.
We bought a Bumbo at the Walmart in Evanston while on our way to the lake the last weekend before I went back to work. It was crazy then that she could sit in a bumbo, and is even crazier now that she doesn't wobble at all when she sits in it. She loves to sit on the kitchen table while we eat, except she thinks that she should be eating what we're eating also.
She was not excited for this photo shoot. She really hated me this day.
With me being back at work, Ruby would spend 2 days a week with Graham, Olivia and Millysa. She and Graham are going to be the best of friends, I just love it.
Probably my favorite onesie she owns. Thanks Kens.
I think we spent more time at the GTI while I was on maternity leave than we did at home. And as you can see, it didn't end when I went back to work. This is an outfit my sister Rachel sent me. She bought it in the Netherlands when she was pregnant with her first son, and both of her boys wore it. It totally passes as a girl outfit though, just added a bow! It says "I love Papa" -- Ruby wasn't cooperating with that hand, as you can tell. 
Got this picture while at work one day from Kate who was watching her, in her cute new Vera Bradley dress. It will be super cute when it's not so big! :)
The cousins sure love holding this kid.
Addison is better when they're just holding hands. She seems to enjoy that a lot more.
Kati and I took some family photos for our Aunt and Uncle, and Ruby joined us in the Baby Bjorn. This is one of my favorites right now. 
Some of my coworkers wanted me to bring Ruby in for lunch. Well...I live 20 minutes from my office, so I wasn't going to pick her up, be at the office for an hour, and then drive her home; so, she spent the afternoon at the office with me. And took a nap in this giant office chair we have just hanging out.
She is so obsessed with sucking on her hand. 4 MONTHS!
Look at that smile!! I melt. 
She was totally flirting with Jenny's boyfriend when I took this. 
The fact that I can lay her on this mat, and she plays by herself for an hour makes this the best thing we own. She is grabbing things all the time now, and is just growing up so much, I can't handle it. I really should blog on more of a regular basis, instead of just overloading it every once in a while. :)