Monday, September 3, 2012

the land of enchantment

I bet you didn't know that the state of New Mexico is called the land of enchantment, did you?
Well, it is. It even says it on their license plates.
John and I ventured to Portales, NM to visit Matt and Millysa and new baby Olivia.
We definitely enjoyed the company, but the place itself is...interesting.
Every town we visited was literally dying from the inside out.
It was rather odd.
Not to mention you had to drive at least an hour to get anywhere.
Olivia and I wasted no time bonding. This was taken the first night we were there.

Matt scheduled for us to visit the recording studio that Buddy Holly recorded at, which is located in Clovis, NM. It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced! I learned a lot. Like, Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died, um, wow he was young. And already so famous.
This is the actual recording studio where the sound board and everything was. On the walls they have a copy of every song that was ever recorded there. By anyone. It was so cool. There were some of Roy Orbison's songs up there, and a signed picture from Lionel Richie.  
One of the men that was in there with us (the one in the hat) was actually a backup singer for Buddy Holly, so as we were listening to some of the music, he just started singing his part! 
This is a framed copy of Buddy Holly's contract, and then a copy of the "It's so Easy" sheet music.                 

This was in the next room over, where they had the piano, a couple guitars, some microphones, and other instruments. 
Attached to the recording studio was an apartment where the people who recorded there could stay while they were recording. So, this is the kitchen, and Buddy Holly had actually sat in those chairs! 
This is also part of the apartment. The book that Matt is holding up has a picture taken in the same exact spot that he and John are sitting. 
Us in front of the studio.
We love this cute little family. 
After our tour we headed to the Clovis County fair. The four of us all love the fair, and have always gone to the Utah State Fair together, so we had to experience this one! 
Matt with the "100 Pound Rat"
It gave me the heebie-jeebies 

John and cute Olivia.

The next day we drove in Texas! My first time ever being in Texas! 
We were headed into Amarillo, but we stopped in this little town to have some of the best, authentic Mexican food I have ever had, and to get some Blue Bell ice cream!
Btw, that is our rental car. That thing was freaking awesome. It got over 500 miles to its 14 gallon tank! LOVED IT.
In the middle of nowhere, literally, there are these two giant cement feet.
I guess the person who created Frankenstein wrote a poem about a large man, and for some reason the people in this town thought he was describing their town, so they built these feet. 
Weirdest thing ever.

Matt and John were making fun of me trying to get over the fence...

This is Cadillac Ranch. 
Someone decided they were going to put a bunch of Cadillacs into the ground, nose down, and paint them white so that other people could spray paint them.
This place is apparently really popular. There was a motorcycle group of all Germans, and they showed up here, and then showed up again at the restaurant we were at. 
They were following us, it's fine. ;)
So hardcore, those two. 
Had to spray paint the baby's name! 
You shouldn't be surprised. 
I wasn't.
Then we ventured to the Big Texan.
A restaurant made for tourists.
So over the top.
They have a 72 ounce steak that you can get for free. If you eat it in an hour.
With a side, and a drink.
John was on the phone, so I got to photo-op by myself. 
It turned out so attractive. 
We also spent a day in Roswell, NM but we didn't take any pictures. John and I were amazed that the entire town is built around this "alien sighting". We expected something so cool, but we quickly learned that it's just a broken town, gross town. 
Overall, we loved our trip to the land of enchantment. 
We loved being with Matt and Millysa for a couple days, and experiencing everything they have discovered in the last year, but now we are ready for them to move home!