Thursday, June 24, 2010

bon voyage my little schmidt

My friend Marianne left on a six week study abroad today and so her cute boyfriend decided that we should throw her a surprise goodbye party.
We decided to have it this last Monday, and since John and I are staying at my parents' house, I offered their backyard for the location.
Melissa was the best. Sunday night Laird texted me and told me he had forgotten that he has class on Monday nights, and so he would have to be late to the party. He was how I was going to get Marianne to my house, and now I was stuck.
But, Mel stepped in and told Marianne she needed to go shopping and wanted her to come; then said she had to get a book from me, so they had to stop by my parents' house.
It worked out great.
Marianne walked into the backyard, pissed that we hadn't invited her to our barbecue.
We then informed her that the barbecue was for her.
It was funny.
I just love this girl.
She's my favorite cougar by far.
I hadn't seen Kirstyn since she had come home from school, so it was nice to see her walk through the gate.
Kirstyn, Brianna, Me, Mel, Marianne, Mandy, Alex, Hailey, Suzanne
The four of us have been together since the beginning of high school.
We're slowing moving our different ways.
Engaged, BYU, London, and Married.
But we keep in touch, and they're still my best friends.
Love you ladies.
This was from Father's day.
I just really like this picture so I thought I'd add it.

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