Monday, March 14, 2011

Eric and Tanya

sJohn and I were able to attend his cousin Eric's wedding this past Saturday and I must say, I love being in the temple.
First off the temple sealer reminded me of my grandpa Roos. I didn't know my dad's parents very well, but every time I'm in the temple I start to think about them. I have to say that I am so grateful to KNOW that one day I will get to see them again, and I will have eternity to get to know that, and for me, that is really comforting, because I have kind of felt guilty that I didn't know them well enough while they were still around, and so having this epiphany of sorts, has been so great for me. Also while sitting in the wedding ceremony it just reminded me of my own, and it made me so grateful for John and the fact that I will always have him, forever, always by my side. It makes me so happy to be right where I am.
Okay, sorry for my mushy stuff, I just had to say it.
Eric and Tanya got married Saturday, and John and I were there all day.
The happy? couple. I love candid photos. This just cracks me up.
This was another couple who was also at the temple at the same time. I just loved that they had matching green vans on, so I made them pose for a picture for me.
Me and my cute hubby.
I love this picture.
Oh you know, just me trying to be artistic.

At the luncheon.
Patty, Me, and our special John.
Camden was loving the table decorations at the reception.
Cupcakes + photo booth + Matt + Dustin = This.
We are so excited for Eric and Tanya. We officially have another married couple we can hang out with!
Congrats you two!

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