Saturday, December 3, 2011


Don't let the pictures fool you, we actually spent Thanksgiving with the Lawrence's. 
But, we did stop by the Grow's afterward, and I did whip out my camera.
Rosie and Kati 
Stef and her boyfriend Sean 
Adam eating as much frosting on a graham cracker as possible. 
Sissy lou. 
He can't be serious, it's fine. 
Myself and sissy.
I honestly hate Thanksgiving. I feel like I have to eat until I die. But I was very good this year! I didn't go back for seconds, which is unusual, especially when it comes to stuffing. I do like that it's meant for us to vocalize what we're grateful for. Which, for me, is a lot. Number one, John. He really is the best husband I could have asked for. Keeps me grounded.

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  1. You and Kati should be hair models! I'm obsessed with both of your cuts and both of your colors.