Monday, September 29, 2014


September has come and gone so quickly, I can't even believe it.
Utah football started, and I love it just as much as I ever have. 
This last weekend's game was one we don't need to talk about, but other than that, we've been great.
Riley's girlfriend was in town, from Houston, so we took her along to the Fresno State game. Poor thing had planned to come into town and then it just so happened to be the weekend that our Grandfather died, so she was thrown into the mix REAL quick. Kate kept poking my belly during this game, and the lady in front of us was like, "Uh, why are you touching her stomach?" It was actually kind of hilarious because she totally thought Kati was just patting my fat. 
We found out that baby Lawrence is a GIRL.  We were very surprised, and I think John is still a little disappointed. He really thought that he was going to break the Lawrence trend, and have a boy first. We should have known better. We are super excited though. I can't wait to buy all the cutest outfits that ever existed. We have a couple names picked out that we really love, leaning toward one more than the other. I keep telling people what the name is, and some people's reactions kind of are not very nice, so I don't know if I'll keep telling people.
  I got too antsy to wait for the doctor, so I ended up going to Fetal Foto a week before going to the doctor. John couldn't believe that I couldn't wait another 10 days, but I really couldn't. I was nearly half way through my pregnancy, and I still didn't know what I was having! J didn't end up going with me to Fetal Foto, so I got to tell him what it was. She was so active during that ultrasound! As soon as the tech put the thing on my stomach, she started like flapping her arms. It was hilarious. Even though she was very active, she still didn't want to show us her gender. She kept those little legs closed very tight. Good girl. 
She wasn't as active at the ultrasound with the doctor, so John didn't get to experience that, but we saw all her cute little features, so we loved it nonetheless. Speaking of active, I still can't feel her. Okay, maybe I can, but I have NO idea what I'm feeling for. So maybe she's kicking me all the time, but I sure as heck don't know that it's actually her kicking.
We got a cute new (to us) wardrobe for her. Actually, it's an entertainment center. The second bedroom in our house doesn't have a closet, which is outrageous to me, but it's the truth. So, we had to think on our feet a little bit about how and where we were going to hang up her clothes. So, we bought an entertainment center off KSL, and painted it coral, and we're going to put a bar in the TV portion of it and make it into a little wardrobe! I'm pretty excited about it. It was a great little DIY project.
John and I have been talking about remodeling our kitchen for probably a year now. Slowly accumulating little pieces of the puzzle before we really started to tear things apart. We have most of our supplies now, and so the demolition has begun. We are going to try and do it in pieces, so that we aren't totally without a kitchen for a long period of time. John started with the tile, and will go from there. We have no flooring in our kitchen for a couple of days, and it hurt my feet a lot more than I would have though. He just told me to wear shoes all the time. Thanks babe. He has since put most of the tile in, so at least I have tile to walk on when I need to get from the stairs to the rest of the house. 
Week 19 of pregnancy (last week) was not nice to me. Monday night John and I were watching the new show "Gotham" on TV, because, Batman, duh, and all of a sudden my nose started to burn, and I just gradually got more congested and super tired. All within a single hour. I decided I would go to bed, because sleep is the best cure for everything in my mind, except I couldn't sleep. I slept until about 1AM, and then was up until 5AM, when I had a panic attack because I was so tired, and I couldn't breath, at all, and my poor husband was half asleep and didn't really know what to do with me. Being pregnant, I didn't really know if I could take anything, but I was just so tired I didn't care. I ended up taking some NyQuil so I could sleep. Word to the wise, this is the biggest no-no when you are pregnant. I talked to my OB, and he said NyQuil is pretty much the only cough medicine you should NOT take because of the amount of alcohol in it. Whoops. Unfortunately, I was not getting better as the week went on, so I called my doctor again Thursday. He ended up telling me I needed to be taking these certain medications, and get a humidifier, and be using Vics all the time. By the way, did you know there are Kleenex you can buy with Vics in them? The most amazing thing ever. He told me to page him Saturday morning if things weren't better by then. I kept medicine in me, and was drinking insane amounts of water, and sleeping like I had never slept in my life. Luckily by Saturday morning, I was feeling better so I didn't have to page him. I'm still recovering, and definitely don't feel 100% but I'm getting there. It's hard, because I am constantly worried about baby girl; she's probably so hyped up on medicine, that she doesn't know what's up. I missed almost a whole week of work, and Saturday morning I got pretty flowers delivered to my house with a card that said "Get well soon. We miss your smile and laugh around the office." Super sweet of them.
Saturday night it was raining like crazy, and John decided he was going to see if he could tell what was going on with our rain gutter that has water constantly pouring out of it. He got up on a ladder to look into the rain gutter, and decided removing one of the screws would be the best idea because it would release all the water. What he didn't plan on happening was it gushing out of the gutter, all over him; he thought he would have a second to get out of the way. I unfortunately didn't get to witness the event, but he said it was straight out of a movie. He came inside, drenched in water from head to toe, and said he nearly drowned, and that the rain gutter had water-boarded him. I was laughing so hard, I didn't even know what to say. As you can see, if wasn't really clean water either! He talked about it all night. 
I really can't believe September is over, but I am excited for October. I love fall, and especially love October because it's my birthday month!

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  1. Love this. And love your babe's name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let anyone talk you out of it. Unless YOU decide that you changed your mind... then that's ok.