Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vistors, vistors, visitors

Because miss Ruby graced us with her presence in the middle of the night, we were only in the hospital one full day, Thursday. That day, and the days afterward were filled with visitors. I don't have pictures of all of the visitors, but I do have some, so I will post them!
John's sister Jenny was the first to come visit us on Thursday. John and I slept for as long as we could, and Jen came up around noon, so even after waiting for his sheets, he was able to get some sleep. My parents had come back up to the hospital to hang out/help out, which was nice, because John gets a little stir crazy when he has to sit in the same place for long periods of time, so with my parents there, he was able to go home, shower, and get some things done that he felt like needed to be done.
Mel Nash wasted no time coming to visit us either, which we loved. And she brought me the cutest little survival bag for the hospital! Diet Coke, pretzels, a magazine, some binkies and lotion for the miss, it was fantastic! John's mom came up that afternoon and spent most of the rest of the day with us. Two of John's brothers came up, with their wives. Three more of my friends (and one husband) came up to see us. My brother and his fiancé came as soon as they were off of work, and, of course, Kati came to see us as soon as she got off the plane from New Jersey.
We also got a visit from my doctor, who came to talk to me about discharge instructions, and also about my blood pressure. It had been high since I was in his office the day before, and during labor had gotten very dangerously high. While at the hospital the nurses continued to monitor my BP, and while it was slowly coming down, it still wasn't where it should be. So, my doctor gave me instructions to take it easy, and call him if I had any concerns after I went home from the hospital. Except, I would need to call his partner that was on call because it was President's Day weekend and he was going out of town. Ha. That was okay though, I didn't expect anything to go wrong. Thursday night we sent the baby to the nursery so that we could try and get the last little bit of sleep we would be allowed for a while. It was really nice to have her in the nursery, because I slept so well, and didn't worry about her at all, and when she got hungry, they just brought her into me, I fed her, and sent her back to the nursery!
Friday morning my parents came up to the hospital so that John could go home and get the car seat, and also clean up our house a little bit. We definitely weren't prepared for the baby to come when she did, so our house was kind of dirty. John left me at the hospital to make sure all the dishes were out of the sink, and to vacuum our house. Just little things that he decided needed to be done before we got home and had a bunch of people in and out of our house. I ordered lunch from the hospital cafeteria, which, I must say, was really nice while I was in the hospital. Didn't have to worry about food ever because it's included in your stay, so you literally can just order what you want, and they will bring it to your room. Awesome. While J was gone I took a shower, which was super nice, and then got my discharge instructions from my nurse. Started to pack things up, and waited for him to come back with the car seat. Once he did return, we packed up the baby, and had the CNA come in and do the car seat check and we were on our way!
The next couple of days were filled with visitors at our house. We had pretty much all the members of both of our families there, and it emphasized how small our house is. Definitely not made for many people. This picture was taken the day after we came home from the hospital, which also happened to be Valentine's Day. Talk about the two best valentines ever.
We scheduled newborn photos for the Tuesday after she was born, so Monday night I went to Babinski's with my parents, and left the baby at home with John and my MIL to get the miss some new cute things for pictures. (I can't wait to get them back so I can show them off!) When I came home, Millysa was at our house with her kids and her sister. I walked in and Olivia, who has been waiting impatiently for Ruby to arrive was sitting on the couch, holding her. She saw me and said "Emma! I holding your baby! Come in!" It was so cute to see her so excited, and I loved that she invited me to come into my own house. She apparently asks quite often if she can come to our house to see Ruby, and whenever we see her, she wants to hold her. It's so cute. Of course we also had to get a picture of Ruby and Graham next to each other. Graham was born at the end of November, so he is 12 weeks older than the miss. He looks like he's much older than that, but we love his chunky self so much. They will be great friends.


  1. I'm OBSESSED with this and your birth story! And those black and white pictures of you and the Rube need to be framed. SO cute. I love the 3 Lawrences!