Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it's been a while...

so I guess I'll blog. even though I have nothing to talk about.
I'm pretty bored with life. I work every day from 9-5, come home to an empty house, sit around by myself for usually at least an hour. Sometimes I do some of my homework, other times I just sit. It's pretty boring doing the exact same thing every day. I'm begging John for a puppy, because then I'd come home to something at least. He says that's not possible at the moment, seeing as we're both gone all day, and there would be no one to potty train the dog. I guess that makes sense. It just sucks being home alone.
Also, I miss my family. I swear we're always at J's parents' house, but we never see my parents. Kind of had a breakdown over it this last week. But something I have to get over.
Marriage is great, don't get me wrong. I love John and I love being married to him, I just am attention hungry I guess. Everything will be just fine though.
Like I said...nothing too exciting to blog about.
We're headed to Vegas next month for the Utah vs. UNLV football game. My little brother found front row tickets for 30 bucks, can't say no to that. So that will be nice, a weekend away is always good.
Well, that's all. If you're reading this, don't worry about me. I'm fine, just livin' day to day.


  1. Sissy, you can always come and hang out with me...and RJ. We really aren't that entertaining, but we'll keep you company.

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  3. You sound so sad. Don't let life get you down. When I bought my first house and lived alone it took me like 6 months to fully move out of my mom's house. I was so lonely. I was at my mom's as much {or more} as I was at my house. I eventually grew out of it as I got into my own routine. So, stop by "home" once in awhile if you need to fill some empty space. It's ok.

  4. Emma - Reading this is like reliving my own early year(s) of marriage, or life after we moved to Boston. When we went to a wedding recently there were certain things that the couple had done during their courtship to make the days they did get to spend together extra special. Maybe that is what you and J should do. Make one day that all the cell phones get turned off or left home and just spend that day together so that you have six other days to spend looking forward to that moment. Also, when you get in a funk like so, nit-picking happens and well it doesn't amount to much more than wanting to move back in with your parents for a day. Really you should call me. I've been here, I've done this. We can commiserate together.