Saturday, February 13, 2010

holy toledo...

This sucks.
Since just one this afternoon I've been so sick. Out of nowhere, super nasty fever, and have wanted to do nothing but sleep. Not only that but my calves are STILL on fire.
On Thursday, I was at work, and I was going from one floor to the other, and decided to use the stairs because I freaking hate when a person gets in the elevator just to go up or down a single floor. Seriously? Just walk.
Well, on this particular day, I entered the stairwell without my access card. All five of the floors to my office are locked, therefore we need our access cards. I realized I didn't have my access card after it was too late. I went from the seventh floor to the eighth, and then went to the tenth floor hoping (stupidly) that maybe that floor was open because the tenth floor is the only one unlocked to the public.
Of course, the floor to the tenth floor was locked, so that mean all I was left with was going all the way down. I was in the fire escape stairwell which meant that I even after going down ten flights of stairs, and was at ground level, there was no way out. I had to go down four more flights of stairs underground, then ended up in a tunnel...I had NO clue where I was going, there was an exit to a parking lot, but I didn't know what parking lot, or where I was. So I continued to follow the fire exit. I went through the tunnel, then up a long, steep set of stairs. Really, it was the kind of staircase that makes you feel like you're going to fall backward. That was followed by another tunnel and then two more steep flights of stairs. I was so scared the entire time, and was so grateful to get out of there. Not to mention, I was freaking tired.
Anyway, by Thursday night, my legs already hurt from my adventure.
Friday morning, I was on the verge of tears. I have NEVER been that sore in my entire life.
I couldn't walk. I was limping, and every time I would step I had shooting pains through my calves. People made fun of me all day at work. Last night we went to the Monster Truck Rally (which I will post pictures later) and getting up and down the stairs was ridiculous. It hurt so bad.
This morning has been a little better, the more I sit, the more it hurts to get up. My lovely husband has been trying to rub out the pain, but this morning it was just too much. I cried. Literal tears. John told me that he thinks my Achilles is too tight. I don't know if this is normal, but when he flexes his foot, his toes go toward his shin. My foot can not do that. I just can't do it. So he thinks that's my problem. I think I'm just out of shape. Obviously, terribly out of shape because like I said, I have never felt this much pain from exercise.
Hopefully it goes away soon. I'm sure John is sick of my complaining and I'm over this pain.

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  1. I felt that way after going up then down the Bunker Hill monument in Boston. My legs were all shaky and then the next day I could barely walk and going up and especially down stairs was nearly impossible. I hope you recover soon. I also hope you learned a lesson about taking your access card with you next time.