Saturday, August 21, 2010

m and d.

This past Monday, August 16, one of my best friend married John's best friend.
How lucky is that?
We got to be a part of their entire day, and it was a fun one.
Tiring, but fun.
I had Daniel's, very nice, camera all day, just snapping kandids, so hopefully they don't mind that I'm posting some of them to the blog.
Liz, Me, Marianne, Abbi, Melissa, and Lauren
Waiting for the couple outside of the temple.
So happy to be happy.
He actually smiled for a picture. I must say though, this was the second attempt.
All the friends and the beautiful bride.
I loved her dress, you would never know it was originally strapless huh?
The magic of alterations.
These two are a pair..
Probably the most artsy photo taken all day.
Love it.
The bench picture.
Apparently the girls took one exactly like this at our wedding.
So cute. So happy.
Daniel's fantastic aunt made name tags and favors for everyone at the luncheon.
Cute sucker attached to the name tags, and then homemade lemonade mix as the favor.
Mandy Sorensen...weird.
Granite Bakery seriously does awesome cakes.
Mandy walked in, showed them a picture of what she wanted, and it is.
My handsome hubby.
The friends again, in our adorable bridesmaids outfits.
The bridesmaids, minus Allison
Gorgeous bridesmaid bouquet.
All in all, a great day.
I tried to refrain from putting a ton of pictures of the two of them on here, seeing as they are still on their honeymoon and haven't even seen these pictures yet.
It was fun to take so many pictures, I can now honestly say that I would love to be a wedding photographer.
Which, brings me to my next point.
Back to school Monday.
Wish me luck.

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