Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We spent the last week up in Bear Lake, with both families. We started out spending last weekend with the Johnson family for the family reunion, and then went back up with my family, just to hang out.

Cute Alice. She's calls me Mom. NBD.

She wanted to drive the Honda, so I let her sit in the driver seat (just in the driveway, no worries.) She would sit down and tell me she had to be buckled, so cute.
We played games as families at the reunion and at the end this was given to one family, and it will be passed around from family to family. Of course John carved it, and of course it had to be my favorite one that they were giving away. Seriously, how cute is he?
This was on the hike up to Bloomington Lake.
Snow in July. Yep, we're that high up.
Bloomington lake is a glacier lake I should add. It was the COLDEST lake I have ever been in, in my life. When I got in, I couldn't breathe. No joke, I felt like I was going to drown; and there was no beach, so there wasn't really anywere you could just hang out. It was a lot of a fun though, there was a rope swing which everyone played on, and then a glacier on the other side that you could climb up and slide down into the water. I'm a scardey-cat and didn't do either, but I enjoyed watching. :)
I don't have any pictures from BL with my family, so I will have to post them later, after I still them from Daniel. :)

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