Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I've never felt more horrible in my life.
I've never cried this much over something.
I can barely stay in this house at the moment.

I was sitting in class tonight and my phone rang..vibrated , whatever.
It was John, which was weird because he knew I was in class.
I didn't answer it of course, and he then texted me.
"Emma. We have a serious problem." Is all it said.
I knew exactly what it was about, but didn't want to believe it so I asked.

My parents have been out of town and John and I have been staying at their house.
My worst fear has happened.
The dogs got a hold of Gordon, and he didn't survive.
My mom's bird, is dead. Thanks to Rufus and Jack.

I am still a mess, I've had a panic attack, can't stop crying, and can't stop thinking of Gordon.
I never thought I would miss him but I already do.
And like I said, I've never felt more horrible in my life.

I'm sorry Mom and Dad, and more importantly sorry to him that I couldn't save him.
RIP little bird.