Sunday, September 19, 2010

one busy weekend

John and I usually don't do much on the weekends, but it seems like every so often we have those weekends where everything is happening, and everyone wants to hang out with us. This weekend was one of those weekends.
Friday night we went to dinner with some of John's mission companions and their girlfriends to celebrate Brent's birthday. We went to Buca de Bepo and I had never been there. Have to say, wasn't the best experience. The food was good, and the atmosphere is great, but it took a half hour for the waiter to get our drinks, and then another 45 minutes or so for our food to come. Kind of ridiculous. But it was still fun. We enjoy that crowd.
Afterward we went to Brent's apartment for cake and ice cream and then John and I had to supervise a shin dig that was going on with Jenny and her friends.
That was a party; I don't think I've been up until 3:30 in ages, and it definitely made me feel like an old woman with how tired I was.
Saturday, John was a part of the Dodge Barrage at the Salt Palace.
Every year, Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, and Ronnie Price put together a charity dodge ball tournament and this year John was asked to play with Dustin's team put together by his work.
It was fun to watch, even if they went 0-4 and were out by noon.
For a charity event, the games got pretty intense. Too much emotion.
This was the highlight of my day.
Mr. Kyle Korver himself.
If you know me, you know that I have had an obsession with this man for a while.
Too bad he's going to Chicago.
But...I got to meet him, have a picture, and had him sign a shirt.
That would be D-Will signing my shirt. John and I will be framing it and putting it next to the shirt we have signed by the entire Utah football team.
We're cool like that.
After dodge ball, John and hung out and got some other things done and then later that night went to the fair with the entire Lawrence family and the Sorensens.
I have never had more fun at the fair. Seriously, all of us together was a p-a-r-t-y.
Too funny.

One year John bought a silk-haired chicken from the fair for ten dollars. He named him Don Otis, and he lived in John's bedroom, and then when the poor chicken was moved outside, he froze to death. :(
This is what Don Otis' looked like. So I had to take a picture.
At the fair.
Couldn't believe it.
Daniel is the center of attention.
John is a perve.
I'm glaring at Daniel.
Mandy is content.
Us. To a tee.
And of course! The giant yellow slide.
I freaking love that thing.
Even if it does sway back and forth at the very top.

Daniel is very competitive. Anyone who knows him knows that.
And when he gets with Matt, it's even worse.
After spending ridiculous amounts on games, Mandy ended up walking away with some fun stuffed prizes. :)

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