Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This last Friday I came outside to go to work to find this.

Some punk had broken into my car and stolen my backpack.

In my backpack was a textbook and my laptop.

I lost it, started to cry, called my mom, went and woke John up, called work to say I was going to be late, called the police.

By 8:30am, the day had already been too long and a crappy one.

I reported everything stolen, while John called the insurance.

The window only cost $140 to replace so it wasn't worth making a claim, but the things taken were worth it (we thought).

I got a call from the insurance yesterday and they told me that after depreciation, my items weren't worth more than my deductible.

SUCKS. Lesson learned. The hard way.

After I called my mom, she called my dad, and then felt bad for me. So they sent me flowers. My mom was sneaky about it and called cute Britton that I work with, who told her how to get the flowers to me, and they were delivered to me at work. Such a cute surprise.

And by the way, to all of you who keep making comments about how stupid I am to leave my laptop in my car; do you think I don't feel like an idiot already? I don't need you to bring it up over and over again. So, you can shut up.


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  1. Um...didn't you just bring it up?? Sorry that happened to you. Learn your lesson and get over it.