Saturday, April 2, 2011


Okay, since my sisters never blog. I'll blog for them. (And because I have the pictures). Rebekah and Kati, and Lisa ran the Salt Lake 10 Miler this morning and so my parents, Jackson, and myself were at the finish line to greet them. (Sorry Kate. I'll make it up to you.) So I took pictures, and here they. Well...some of them.

Kati took second place in her age division!


Jackson was SO fascinated by the guitar. It was super cute.

How cute is this little boy!?

I love this. She's running, and she still looks amazingly happy.

The other night John was riding around Matt's scooter to get the hang of driving a scooter with a clutch, while Matt taught Jenny how to drive his Model A. I got my camera (YAY) so of course I was there to take photos.

He's such a poser.

The rest of the photos are just photos I've taken over the past little while, so here they are. Enjoy.

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