Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The 'Johnstones"

We attended the Johnson family reunion in Lava Hot Springs the first weekend in August (that tells you how far behind on blogging I am). We went up Thursday night, drove through the most AMAZING lightening storm I have ever seen. John was kind of crapping his pants the entire way up, because if you didn't know, he is scared to death of lightening. Anyway, we made it, and we were supposed to be sleeping in a tent. But, it was after midnight when we got up there, and pouring rain, so Patty got us a hotel room. (Thank you.)

Friday we floated down the river. Except, the first part wasn't really a float. There are rapids at the top, and of course we wanted to experience those. There is a certain rapid, literally 15 seconds into the ride, that you want to stay to the left on, because it's a calmer ride. Of course, we went off the right side, on accident, and of course I was backward. I fell off the raft, followed by John, and the rest was a blur. All I know if after we got back on to the raft, John showed me his ankle. Instantly swollen, and bleeding. Great. Broken ankle. We had 2 1/2 hours left of the float, down to where we were staying, so John just stayed on the raft. It was really fun, except for the ankle part. Which ended up not being broken, not the bone at least. He has refused to go see someone about the tendons. He'll regret it later, I'm sure of it.

Friday night the families all dressed up as cavemen. Seeing as the theme was the Johnstones, like the Flinstones. We had planned out our costumes before we got up there, and I think they were the best.

Notice Jenny's armpit hair.

It was a fun weekend, even though we didn't get to join everyone at the water park because of the ankle situation. We have decided we want to go up in the winter and experience the actual hot springs.

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