Monday, August 8, 2011

the anniversary

Okay, I guess I can blog about what we did on our anniversary. It's only been over a week.
We both had to work, of course. But after work we got to spend some quality time together, which happens rarely. We started off the evening by heading to Fashion Place mall because my present from John was none other than...
A cute new pair of red TOMS. I've wanted them forever, especially because football season is starting again, and so he bought them for me! WHOO!
We then went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I forgot how divine that place is. And of course you have to get an Italian soda and take home the fun glass.
After dinner we wanted to watch a movie, but didn't want to watch anything that we own because have seen all of them so many times, so we ventured over to FYE. Unfortunately, as soon as we got there they were locking the doors. Didn't realize it was already nine! So we headed up 21st to RedBox. The first red box was frozen, so we went across the street and it was just one giant fail. We ended up coming home and watching the first Harry Potter (and have continued to watch the entire series, we are currently on number 7, part 1. Once we finish them maybe we can finally see part 2.
Oh, and by the way, I'm not totally awful. I did get something for John. He just hasn't ordered them yet. . He wants broken pieces of glass to make mosaics of Nintendo characters
Geek alert.
Oh well, we love him.
Okay, so this picture was taken the day AFTER our anniversary.
Get over it.

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  1. Love your TOMS, love John's gift choice, and love that you've been married for two years. Also, I love you! Happy Anniversary!

    M loves D