Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Chaos

I'm sure most people's Christmas is chaotic, but I swear mine like tripled in chaos when we got married. I feel like we have a thousand more places to go now, when really I've only added one house.
Christmas Eve is spent at my parent's house with really, anyone who feels like coming over. This year it was mostly just the Roos'.
Only the cutest girl in the entire world.
I'm obsessed. 
Avery and Auntie Kate. 
At first glance, it looks like she's flipping off the camera.
But no, she's just squeezing my chin fat. 
Myself and Avery-Lou 
Christmas morning before church John and I opened one present each.
To trick me, John went to Build-a-Bear and got just the box, then he wrapped my iPad smart cover, my watchband for my iPod, and...something else. I honestly don't remember the third thing.
John opened his pair of new temple shoes.
He said he was over the slippers.
The look on his face...apparently he had a mission companion who had a pair of shoes made by this company and he said that they were the ugliest pair of shoes he's ever seen.
So, he was nervous. 
But, he like them.
Kati, John and myself bought Dad a RC Helicopter.
Kid at heart, that man. 
I got an Easy Bake!
Okay, so here's the story.
When we were little, Kati got TWO easy bake ovens, and I always wanted one.
I never got one.
It scarred me for life.
And being the person I am, I bring it up a lot.
So, sissy bought me one for Christmas.
It was fantastic. 
This was probably John's favorite gift. 
They're HER Muddy-Buddies 
Dad got a new laptop, he loves it. 
John bought me us an iPad! 
For years Mom has a wanted a Kitchen Aid, but there has been some dispute on if she would have anywhere to put it, and she made it clear that if she got one, she wanted industrial, top of the line Kitchen Aid. Well, this year, once again, us children were stumped as to what to get her. 
Luckily, a girl I work with mentioned she bought her mom a Kitchen Aid, and a light bulb came on.
When she was getting ready to open it, she mentioned that she thought she might know what it is but didn't want to say because she didn't want us to feel bad.
No pressure. 
As soon as she opened it,
Mission accomplished.
We did spend time with the Lawrence's on Christmas, even though I have no pictures to prove so.
Christmas night we went up to the house and had the annual sea food dinner. Always so good.
Then we opened presents and played games, followed by me falling asleep on the couch.
What else is new?

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