Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's!

We spent New Year's Eve with some friends up at the Hawker's lodge cabin.
Thanks to Ben and Emily for letting us tag along!
Doing Dr. Pepper "Saki" bombs.
Brayden's face is the best. 

 Prepping for midnight!
Counting down... 
And Daniel going crazy with the poppers.
Happy New Year! 
The Sorensen's.
And John. 
Raise your glass! 
I guess I will make this post into our reflecting on 2011.
2011 was a good year.
We celebrated lots of birthdays for family and friends
Welcomed new little ones to both families
 Attended a record number of weddings over the summer
Bought new scooters
Travelled to Jackson Hole, Bear Lake, and North Carolina
Celebrated out two year anniversary
I did my first, and second family photo shoot
We moved into a new home
John got into his program for school
We LET Matt and Millysa move to New Mexico, and miss them every day
Welcomed home David
and most importantly, loved each other more and more each day
2012 will be another great year
Riley comes home in April (3 MONTHS)
I graduate in December
And who knows what else, there are so many different things that are possible.
Here's to 2012

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