Monday, April 9, 2012

jazz game take 2

Let me start out by saying that knowing someone like Laird is pretty much the best thing ever.
He knows literally EVERYONE, and always has good things coming our way.
He's such a good friend.
This particular evening Laird called me with Jazz tickets.
On the 16th row.
I sat next to Al Jefferson's fiancé, and son.
Next to them was Gordon Hayward's family.
Behind us was Derick Favor's brother.
It was insane.
This game was sold out, of course, because the Jimmer was here playing.
Unfortunately, we lost at literally, the last second.
Tip in shot was too late.
Whomp whomp. 
Thanks to  Laird for getting us the bests seats we've had (and probably ever will have) at a game!

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