Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jazz v. Atlanta

On March 10, John and I were given tickets to the Jazz v. Atlanta Hawks game, and we are pretty lucky because we have been given some of the best tickets to Jazz games this season. And even though our team has been about as awful as you can get, it is still fun to go cheer them on. 
This game in particular was fun to go to because we go to see former Jazz players Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, and . They may have beaten us, but it was a good game at least.

And, we did get to see Jerry. From afar, but we still saw him. I sent Riley this picture and he said "Go up to him and tell him it's your brother's birthday and you want his autograph." I couldn't do it. I am such a pansy when it comes to famous people. On my birthday, John and I saw Kyle Beckerman at Cheesecake Factor and I so badly wanted to ask for a picture, but I instantly turn into a little girl when I see famous people! The mailman was also there, but he was down on the court, so he was a little too far away for even a picture. 
And what was even more exciting for John was the fact that our seats were across the aisle from where David Locke sits and calls the game. Every time we go to a game, J tells me that he would really like to put in his earphones and listen to Locke call the game, while we watch it in person, so to be able to hear Locke calling it next to him while he watched the game...J was in heaven!  It was actually really funny to watch Locke while he called the game. He is a fan above all, and he gets so into it. He never sits down, and reenacts the plays as he talks about them. So great. 
Thanks to Matt for the tickets!

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