Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Why is there so much room at the top of this post? It's really bothering me. Oh, well.

Okay, so I'm way far behind, but I am still going to blog about it! SG has been married for over a month now, and even though I intended to blog about her shower before the wedding, it didn't happen. 
Kati, our mom, and myself hosted a shower for the family at Kati's condo complex. We love American Towers, but, we don't love that they wouldn't give back all of her deposit because we didn't mop the floor. Boo. 

Anyway, we had the shower a couple weeks before the wedding, and boy was it a crazy day. I had been sick, trying to help my mom get things ready; food, decorations, etc. Then Samantha and Rosie come into the shower without their mom, and we all find out that Morgs was hit by a car that very same morning! Seriously one of the worst things that can happen to someone while out running. She's mostly okay, but is in the hospital with a broken foot and will be having surgery. So she missed out on the shower, and we missed her, but we did have fun.

My mom secretly called Derek and quizzed him and we made Samantha answer the questions. It was actually way fun because she had no idea that they had spoken. We ate, and opened gifts of course. Grandma insisted that Samantha put all the bows on her head so that "he could kiss them off". She was obviously very oblivious to the fact that he lives in a different state. SG was a good sport though, and played along. Too bad the only picture I have of them together, Norma's eyes are closed. Oops. 

Not quite everyone that was there, but a good chunk of us. 

And then, of course, we have the actual wedding day! J and I were invited to the ceremony, which is my favorite part of any wedding, because it's honestly the only thing that matters. It's always so exciting to see how happy the bride and groom are to be getting married, especially when they know they will be with each other forever. I just love it.

John and I both took the day off, which was so nice, because after the temple we just got to hang out together. Went and got lunch, went and did some different errands, took a nap. It was the best Wednesday ever.

Their reception was at the Salt Lake Country Club, and originally was supposed to be all outside, but it was a little too cold, so most of it ended up being inside. Which was still totally beautiful. The Country Club always has beautiful weddings, and this was no exception.

Jackson fell in love with Samantha that night. He kept saying to his Mom, "She is so pretty. Why is she so pretty?" and he just wanted to give her hugs. It was so cute, and even a week later when I saw him, he was still talking about Samantha. Twitterpated 5 year old.

Once the dancing started, the party really started. They decided to split the crowd into two lines, and it started with Dave wheeling Morgan down the middle, so that she could be a part of the festivities. Then Norma wanted to join in, so Dave went back to the beginning of the line and took Norma down the middle. She was loving life. I honestly haven't seen her move like that in years, and she was just a dancing queen! There are numerous videos among our family members of her dancing, and they are all hilarious. Kati and I were both dying. Mom made Grandpa join in on the fun. He wasn't nearly as thrilled with the idea as Grandma was, but he still did it. Walker and all.

Such a fun and beautiful night for a great couple! Though we really don't know Derek (SG has hidden him from the extended family), I can still tell that he is an amazing person and that he makes her so happy. Which is good, when you live in a different state from everyone else. ;)
Congratulations, you two!

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