Sunday, July 27, 2014

Five Years

John and I celebrated our five year anniversary in Bear Lake this year. 
No one was going up for the weekend, so we decided that we would!
The carpet was being installed on Saturday so we just kind of hung out around the house that day, made lunch together, took a nap. 
After the carpet was done, we took a trip to beach and played there for a couple of hours. John said I was no fun because I wouldn't get in the water. I still think it's way too cold! 
We went to dinner Saturday night at the Bear Trapper, which is the steak house up there. John described it best when he said it's "The Cowboy Grub of Bear Lake". The food was good, it just definitely wasn't a steak house that you find in the big city. My parents paid for our dinner because we volunteered to go up while the carpet was being installed, which was way nice of them, and totally unnecessary, but appreciated. 
We bought ice cream after dinner and had hot fudge sundaes at the House Cabin. We turned on 20/20, because between Dateline and 20/20, that is my Saturday night. We both fell asleep, with the back door open, so we woke up covered in mosquito bites. Poor J swells up so bad every time he gets a mosquito bite, so his whole leg was swollen. Probably not a good thing. 
We woke up Sunday and hit the road so we could be back in time for family dinner at the Lawrence's to celebrate Patty and Miss Olivia's birthdays. 
There is construction happening on the way home, and at one point it goes down to one lane. 
This Sunday was an extra long drive home because a semi broke down during the one lane only section, and we all sat there for an hour while we waited for it to be towed away. 
We were at a dead stop, and people were turning around, going the wrong way down the emergency lane, and off the most recent freeway entrance. It was insane. 
The two cars in front of us were two women who had just finished riding their bikes for 60 miles and were headed to get lunch when they got stuck. We always have snacks so I offered some goldfish and teddy grahams to them. Ha.
We were very grateful for movies on the iPad, because while we sat there, we watched Dark Knight Returns, obviously not the whole thing, but it kept us entertained for the hour we were stopped.  

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