Sunday, June 7, 2009

counting down...

The countdown has begun. Well...I've been counting down for a while now. I'm ready for the wedding to be here, and be over. Anyway, we had our engagement pictures taken this weekend. We had a little technical difficulties on Friday when the camera died, but we are grateful for Kati nonetheless. She is a fantastic photographer I have learned, and she was very patient with John and me. We don't take very many things seriously, and most of our pictures prove this. These are some of my favorites though and I wanted to post them for the rest of you to see. :)

I loved this when I saw it, and no one else noticed it but the four letters in the background are E.V.L.O. ...mix it around... L.O.V.E.
Not planned. Just fabulous.

He's just better than me. That's all there is to it.

This pretty much describes our lives to a tee.

Kati asked us to get serious, and told John to cooperate. This is what she got.

These two are just fun shots. We didn't know Kate was taking the first one, and as for the second one, it was a picture that John really wanted to do, and really wants to frame.
Both are fantastic. :)
He found a rose down by the river and decided he'd give it to me. This is probably my favorite picture of him.

This one is my favorite of any shot that we took. Little does everyone know that John was telling me how Kati was implying that I have a big head when this picture was taken, but I still am just in love with it.

These two are the two we chose to send out. One from each day, and I love them both so much. John's sister-in-law didn't agree. She told us that she hated the first one. Oh well I guess! Can't please everyone!
These aren't all of the pictures, seeing as we ended up with a good 250, these are just some of the favorites. Overall, it was fun. John can't take anything seriously, but that's okay, because that's how we like him. Luckily, we had a photographer willing to work with us. ;)

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  1. I think you should crop your knee and some ivy out of that picture you're thinking of using. The knee distracts me every time.