Tuesday, June 30, 2009

babies, baptism, and an eagle scout

We have had quite the week. Exciting, and eventful.
First off, Rachel had her baby. Sydney was born last Friday, and seeing pictures of her makes me miss them even more, and I can't wait for them to come to Utah.
I know this picture doesn't really show the baby very well but it's become my new favorite. Rach and Noelle look so excited, and I just love it. Can't wait for the 25th!
Next event of the week was our friend Chris was baptized this last Saturday. I've known Chris since we were probably, five years old, and John's younger brother is really good friends with Chris so the whole family ending up attending the baptism.

Jenny, Me, John, Chris, David and Patty after the service.
And finally, tonight was Riley's Court of Honor. It took him four years to plan, and he did his eagle project on his 18th birthday, but hey, he got it done, and he got his eagle, so we all went up to support him. So proud of you Broozer. :)

The siblings. Minus 2.

The family. That was there, at least.
And no, that is not my child.
Love Cassi, but I'm not ready for a babe quite yet. ;)

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  1. Jenny is my favorite in that picture. She really looks like she doesn't want to be seen with all of you. Kind of funny.

    And we are a good lookin' family if I do say so myself!