Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So for Christmas this was my gift...well our little addition. Seeing as the money is ours and his paycheck covers rent and that's about it. :)
His name is Rufus, he's three months old and he's the CUTEST thing ever.
He's a handful, a pain in the butt at times, but we love him!
John got his PS3 and he loved it. He said he kind of had an idea after Riley made the comment a couple of days before Christmas that John's XBox only had to "last until Christmas."
Just kidding. It was okay. He was excited, and that made it a great day.
Our new little family. :)
Patty gave these teeth to the whole family, and this is what we're wearing for the Christmas card for next year. They're pretty freaking attractive I must say.
What a special bunch..
Rufus was licking C's hand. She wasn't enjoying it, but she wasn't hating it either. It was cute to watch.

Cutest little C! She loves John and we love her.

Overall Christmas was great. A really long day jumping from place to place but it was nice to see everyone and just enjoy the family time.

This is the from the day after Christmas. Testing out our new camera. :)

John is in the middle of eating Chinese food. Whooo. it's on to New Years. Can you believe that it's been a decade since all that Y2K crap?


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  1. Cute little puppy! Looks like you had a great Christmas. I hope you have fun on New Years tonight!