Sunday, May 16, 2010

new additions

The Sactional.
So we've been looking into buying a new couch for a while, at LoveSac couches. We took a trip out to Fashion Place on Thursday to make a ring payment and ended up in the LoveSac store. The kid who was working, Matt, was all we needed to know that we had to have one of these couches.
I must say, this is the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on.
It was a bit pricey, but it has a lifetime guarantee (as long as the company doesn't sink) and it can be changed, both position and cover. Which is nice, because the way we have it now, it's called the move lounger, but we can move the bases and make it into a sectional if we need for sitting space for more people!
The building of it was a little complicated. It took some time to take everything out of the boxes and put all the covers on, not to mention that we built it wrong the first time, but we got it all up and running and we love it!
We could sleep on it, no lie. It's that comfortable.
And these are my cute new shoes. :)
I have been looking for orange pumps FOR-EVER.
I have a skirt that has different colored polka-dots on it, and I wear it with a cream colored shirt and an orange camisole. The problem has always been that black doesn't match, and neither does brown.
So I needed orange.
And I finally found them.
Thank you to Jenny and Patty for telling me about them.
They found them at Charlotte Rousse, and they were only 30 dollars.
Best part about it.
They were having a one get one for ten dollars.
So...I got these
Same shoe, just in grey. But they are fab, and I think they will look SO great with jeans.
So excited!

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  1. CUTE couch, em! I love a nice comfy seating area. I'm for sure gonna have to come by and test it out... make sure it's up to par. :) btw, I WISH I could pull off those awesome shoes of yours! Alas, they would probably make me 6'3", and that's too much woman for anyone to handle!