Saturday, May 15, 2010

so I was going to write about this the other day but as soon as I started my mother-in-law called and offered to take us for sushi, and I never turn down sushi.
Anyway. I'm here to vent. If you don't want to read it, then don't. But people lately disgust me.
To start off.
The Sloops.
If you don't live in the 801, or live under a rock then I'll give you a brief summary of this story.'s messed up, and I will be including details which are graphic.

So, Ethan Stacy, a four year old little boy, is Stephanie Sloop's son. Stephanie and Ethan's father, Joe, finalized their divorce on the 28th of April and part of the court order was that Ethan comes to Utah from Virginia to stay with his mother for the summer. So, Joe sent his son to stay with his mother, even though he didn't want to, and his son didn't want to go with his mother. Ethan was reported missing on May 10, by his mother who said that he had a tendency of running away..the next day, us (the general public) learn that Ethan did not run away but he was murdered.
By his mother and step-father.
Ethan had been in Utah for less than ten days when his mother's boyfriend started abusing him. Hit him in the head several times, enough to make the little boy's brain start to swell. The Sloops then locked Ethan in his room and took off the doorknob while they went to the courthouse to get married. Nathan Sloop then burned Ethan in scalding hot bath water, and continued to beat him. Stephanie came home one day to learn that Ethan was dead in his bed. Nathan had beaten him so badly that he killed the boy.
I can't understand how you can give birth to a child and then do absolutely NOTHING to stop your boyfriend/husband from killing your four year old little boy!?
Then it gets worse.
Nathan had killed Ethan, and the two of them decided they had to get rid of the body.
The couple then took a hammer to the little boy's face to make him unrecognizable.
Nathan then sent Stephanie to the store to buy lighter fluid so they could destroy the evidence when they buried the body.
They traveled up toward Wolf Canyon, with Ethan's body in garbage bags. Stephanie waited in the card while Nathan took Ethan to bury the body; where he further desecrated it before burying it.
Then the two of them poured lighter fluid around the grave and lit everything on fire.

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. How messed up do you have to be to kill a FOUR YEAR OLD, that has only been with you for ten days, and then take a hammer to your own son's face?
What pisses me off even more is that the judicial system in the United States isn't the fastest process ever.
These are two people who have admitted to everything that they did, and they will still go through years of jail time, and trials until they end up in jail.
Then there is the whole "death row" process.
Texas is the best state when it comes to death row. It's like an express lane down there, and they kill people faster than anywhere else in the country.
If people are admitting to murder, then why don't we just kill them now?
I don't want to hear anything about cruel and unusual anything, they deserve everything that is coming their way.
Not to mention the poor dad of this little boy. He's across the country, this little boy is his life, and he gets phone call telling him of this awful tragedy.
I think we should let him take Nathan Sloop into a room and beat the shit out of him.
It won't bring his little boy back, but Sloop deserves every second of it.

Another person that absolute disgusts me at the moment.
Sean Hannity.
Oh my word.
John's grandma listens to his radio show daily while she irons for the laundromat and the other day John happened to be in the back room when Hannity started talking about the Mosque that is being built at Ground Zero in New York.
Hannity had the audacity to say that we are letting the people who blew up these buildings, build on this land.
I absolutely hate people who group people.
First off, I don't know that I believe what the media says happened on 9/11, what the government says.
But I do know that Muslim Radicals is NOT every Muslim.
Wake up Sean Hannity, THEY'RE RADICALS.
How dare you state that because it is a place of worship for the Muslim religion, it's the same people that brought down the twin towers.
The worst part is that when he says things like this, people believe it and actually agree with his thinking!
Like Gram.
I really think someone needs to take her radio away while she's at the laundromat because she's filling her head with Hannity, and it's awful.

So I vented.
And I'm not as angry today as I was on Thursday.
But talking about it, still pisses me off.
Our world is going to hell in a hand basket.

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  1. I hadn't heard anything about Ethan...I seriously can't even believe this. I am absolutely disgusted. ):