Thursday, July 21, 2011

bear lake

Did you know I love this place?
It's kind of like my second home.
John and I spent five days or so up at my aunt and uncle's cabin in Bear Lake. A annual vacation for the Roos family. I love just sitting and being lazy, John does not. Luckily there were things that needed fixing for John to fix.
Classic JW look.
He was taking that bucket, filling it with water and then half drinking it, half pouring it all over himself. He loved it. The rest of us thought it was kind of yucky.
Yep. There's John. JW thought he was crazy, and he was right.
He is trying to figure out why I won't get in the water at this point.
JW and Holland playing in the sand.
This makes him look sliiiiightly feminine. The pink glasses especially.
JW sure does look cute with them on though.
This little one prays in her sleep. So precious.
We also discovered JW's love of Cheetos. They were all over him. :)
Teddy in his favorite spot.
This was on one of mine and John's rides. We went all the way to the top of Sweet Water Hill. Too pretty to resist.

We even had a deer right next door! And, obviously, he stared right at me and didn't even run away.
Did you know I love this place?

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  1. How fun!! These pictures are darling and so are you. Love you Em